Himalaya Hairzone Solution for Hairloss

Hi Ladies, again with one more Himalaya product, which is difficult to get in the retail stores. And even more difficult to write about!!
himalaya hairzone solution
When I thought of reviewing about this, I had no idea it would turn out to be such an exhaustive effort and quite informative too. I’ll tell you why; Hairzone has only 2 active ingredients. One would think it makes the job easier. But its nowhere close to ‘e’. Himalaya has gone out of its way to research these contents instead of just relying on the age-old researched and much used contents . Generally I enjoy reading scientific research papers. I read Himalaya’s paper for Haizone and was amazed to see the extent of details they have gone into for this invention.

I know it all sounds too corny and one might even think that I might be promoting the product. But I’m only praising their research efforts, and not the product itself.

What made the job so difficult was the fact that the only 2 contents that are in Haizone are nowhere directly indicated for any kind of aesthetical issues, be it skin or hair. How does one find out its efficacy then? There is a very detail action study in Hairzone’s research paper, but it is too technical to understand. And I wanted other cross-checking references to believe any of their tall claims. Let’s see what this product is.

Himalaya Hairzone solution for hairloss says – (ref. Himalaya website)

Hairzone has hair follicular degeneration- inhibitory, hair growth cycle-stimulatory, antimicrobial, astringent, and antioxidant actions. The two herbs present in Hairzone act synergistically to reduce inflammation and itching of the scalp, stimulate hair growth cycle, and increase hair density. They reduce the negative ratio between hair fall and hair regrowth, thus reducing hair loss.

Simply put–
• It inhibits the hair follicle degeneration.
• Promotes hair growth cycle.
• Has astringent, antioxidant, soothing, moisturizing activities.

Directions for use–
Adequate quantity of Hairzone solution to be sprayed over affected areas, followed by a gentle massage for 5-10 minutes. Best if left overnight, may be rinsed next morning. In severe cases, to be applied twice daily.

1. Temporary hair loss in the resting phase of hair growth cycle
2. Hair loss on scalp in the growth phase of hair growth cycle
3. Alopecia areata
4. Drug-induced alopecia including chemotherapy and radiotherapy
5. Diffuse hair loss
6. Hair fall due to dry and itchy scalp

Price– Rs.160 for a 60ml spray bottle

Presentation– The product which is a liquid solution comes in a white and green spray bottle with a covering cap. The solution is muddy-yellow in color.
Composition –
Each ml of Hairzone solution contains:
1. Palasha (Butea monosperma) – 2.5mg
2. Palashabheda (Butea parviflora ) – 2.5mg
Contents are processed in the clarified spirit with the alcohol content of 40%.

1. Palasha (Butea monosperma)- AKA Flame of the forest. If I remember correctly, Biotique has a shampoo or conditioner or a serum named ‘Flame of Forest’. Not sure though. Didn’t try to dig up the info from Biotique. They are too lazy to provide proper information on their products.

Flame of the forest (butea monosperma) is a quick growing tree that bears bright red flowers. It is also known as a ‘bastard teak’ (hihihi ), Butea gum tree, etc and is usable as an ayurvedic medicine.

The bark of butea tree secretes red resin, known as butea gum, which is used in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery etc. Only on one website it had been credited with the benefit of curing certain skin diseases like eczema. Maybe this is where one can link the claims of moisturizing, soothing, astringent effects of the Hairzone.

But hellllloooo… what does it have anything to do with the hairfall?
hairzone ingredients
2. Palashabheda (Butea parviflora)– AKA Butea Superba. Now this is something interesting.

Butea superba is a botanical native to Thailand traditionally used by aging Thai men to enhance sexual libido and performance. Also known as the “rejuvenating herb..

A team of biologists in Thailand published a paper that described the effects of a powdered form of Butea superba root on serum levels of testosterone (a male hormone) on male rats. At the end of the experiment, researchers found that the rats receiving high doses of Butea superba had reduced serum levels of testosterone.

Now lets fit the pieces of puzzle together.

Alopecia areata or diffuse hairloss or any kind of balding hairloss is mainly associated with the elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone. So if Palashabheda reduces this hormone, it indirectly should help in reducing the hairfall.

Thus, to conclude these two herbs should act together to reduce the hairloss and promote the new hair growth.

My Experience with Himalaya Hairzone Solution

My aunt was suffering a severe hairfall due to her menopause, which was most likely caused by the hormonal changes. So I got the Hairzone for her. But after using it a few times her dermatitis faced up and she went back to her good old Bhringraj oil. No way to know if Hairzone caused her dermatitis to show up.
Around the same time I was facing a moderate post-partum hairloss. Since my aunt didn’t use the Hairzone, I gave it a try. As the post-partum hairloss is usually caused by the sudden hormonal changes too, I hoped it would work for me. I was a fit candidate at that time.
I used it once everyday and washed my hair every other day. The solution is a bit oily, and made my hair sticky if didn’t wash for 2 days. But I wasn’t going out much so didn’t mind the oiliness.

Likes of Himalaya Hairzone Solution

1. Convenient spray bottle application does not waste the solution and targets the affected area.
2. Smells quite strong but pleasant
3. The herbs and the logic behind them is quite convincing
4. Addresses the root cause of the hairloss

Dislikes of Himalaya Hairzone Solution

1. Solution gets absorbed too quickly without giving a chance to massage properly
2. Little oily, so hair wash is needed after
3. When the liquid hits the bottom of the bottle, it does not spray out. Have to open the cap and pour it out.
4. Quantity does not last for enough time if used daily as directed
5. Difficult to determine the results for minor to moderate hairloss
6) Needs to be used for a long time. Ofcourse, its no joke reviving those dead roots overnight.

My Verdict
Ummm… not really sure what to say here. Neither can I say it helped with my hairloss, nor that it didn’t. My problem quite stayed the same for next 2-3 months. My hairloss was not so severe to begin with and it didn’t get any worse while using Hairzone.
To give it a benefit of doubt, I would say it probably stopped my hair from shedding more that it already was.
Now when I think about it, the hormonal changes affecting the scalp were too much to be handled by some topical solution which is not a Rx medicine. But since the herbs in it are meant to combat the hormonal actions on the scalp, it was expected to perform better.
Anyways I think it’s not easy to judge the efficacy of any hairloss product by ourselves. We can’t be counting each and every strand of hair we are shedding.

Buying again?
Maybe I’ll give this a try again sometime when I suffer the hairloss. So its not completely out of my list yet.

For alopecia or diffuse hairloss suffering person, I’d recommend it, as they will get to determine the results clearly. It is supposed to be a target remedy.
For minor, sparring hairloss suffering person, I’d recommend internal nutrition for hair and keeping the hair healthy overall.

My rating– 6/10 (judging for a normal type of hairloss as I don’t have experience with any concentrated type of hairloss such as alopecia areata)

That is it for now. If any of you get your hands on Himalaya Hairzone Solution, please share your experience.

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27 thoughts on “Himalaya Hairzone Solution for Hairloss

  1. ys u better do that asap….generally topical solutions aren’t enuf. U might want to look into any hormonal issue as well. there is an Rx med Minoxidil that works very well, but after u stop it u r back to sqr 1.
    Good luck!

    1. yep minoxidil is a good option in severe case of hair loss :waytogo: .few yrs back i suffered from alopecia areata 😥 😥 ..bt regular application of this drug,helped back hair growth..thnkfully it didnt resurface back (touch wood!) :worship: … i hv heard of a shenaz hussain product which helps..but oops 4got the name :silly:

    1. :shy: himalaya is honest IMO. I look them up first if they hav something for my problem.
      Only prob is these prods r not widely available. hopefully soon :waytogo:

    1. didn’t get the blush….got so confused with so many brands n shades O:) n then hubby kept nagging to go back :waaa:
      guess will hav to read up here more n then decide what to get.
      But i made some progress today :yahoo: had a loreal mineral kohl lying in the drawer for a long time, verry virgin 😉 , i tried that today for the first time in my life i wore kajal….n it was a disaster :yuck: smudged my eyes n stained the dresser top :spank:
      it wouldn’t come off so used almond oil n got blurred eyes for a while :yikes:
      Now all ok. Will do better next time. :waiting:

      1. err….smudging of kajal is a perenial prob!! 🙁 me hates!!!! wat brand BTW….i used jovees and it was a total disaster!

  2. I agree with Rati..didnt know most of the himalaya product u reviewed and this one also is very interesting :methinks:
    for me Mintop hairfall solutions works very well :waytogo:

  3. Wow!! I’m so obsessed with Himalaya!! I just like their honesty in all their products! And the effort they put in!!

    Btw, where can I get this attractive spray? Obviously not available in the supermarkets. At those exclusive Himalaya Outlets?

  4. geeta…this one doesn’t really look like a very promising product…when i started reading the review..i thought vow….this one seems really goood…but by the end of it….it was like…what is this??? :X

  5. hmmmm hey guys m facing hairfall problem, i need suggestions pls…. i find my hair all over the floor :chewnails
    if it contnues…. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥


  6. hI! I’m from Spain and I’m using this hairloss solution and the result is amazing. I have new hair in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the first month you can see the results! Now, I use this solution to 3 months ago and the new hair follow growing.
    I have to say that I have some hormonal problems, and from my point of view, himalaya solutions is improving my hair.
    Well, this is my experience. I hope my words can help to you.

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