Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm-Review

Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm-Review

Hey ladies! Winters are here and we are all digging into various kinds of lip balms. Since last winter, I have been using myriad kinds of tinted lip balms and so I felt like using a normal chap stick this time. After going through many options, I landed up with this one from Himalaya herbals. I got interested in this one because of the specific mention of the fact “free from synthetic sunscreens”. I had heard about “free from preservatives” thing, but what was this? Anyway, my curiosity got the better of me and I am so glad I bought this!

Himalaya natural sun protection lip balm


Rs. 99 for 4.5 gm

Product description:

Free from synthetic sunscreens and preservatives, our petroleum-free lip balm is specially formulated using vegetable oils and natural physical sunscreens to nourish, moisturize and protect your lips from harsh UVA UVB rays.

Physical sunscreens are safe and protect skin from the sun by deflecting sun rays( like an umbrella), unlike chemical sunscreens which chemically change during absorption and can harm skin

Key ingredients:

Himalaya natural sun protection lip balm (2)


It comes in the trademark Himalaya herbals white and green plastic packaging.

Himalaya natural sun protection lip balm (3)

My take on Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm:

The lip balm bullet is milky white and not glossy at all. the very first sight will make you understand that this is going to be an intensely moisturizing lip balm. For all those who want glossy lips after lip balm application, this is not for you. This will heal your dry lips and keep them moisturized for a very long time. It does go away even during meals! I washed my face with plain water and it was still there. No other lip balm has stayed for this long on me, almost for 4 hours.

Himalaya natural sun protection lip balm (4)

It will be very good to use beneath lipsticks during winter. It will give a moisture boost to lippies which are not that moisturizing themselves. The lip balm smells strongly of sweet lime (mousambi) when you apply it, but the smell does not linger for long. There is no tint at all in this balm like I said before. Have a look at the wrist swatch.

Himalaya natural sun protection lip balm (5)

Here I have applied the lip balm on my lips.

Himalaya natural sun protection lip balm (6)

Pros of Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm:

  •     Inexpensive compared to Nivea, Maybelline, Lotus herbals lip blams.
  •     Intensively moisturizing.
  •    Stays on for very long and does not wash off even after meals.
  •    Contains sunscreens.
  •    Himalaya Herbals products are easily available.

Cons of Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm:

I could not find a single one!

Do I recommend Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm?


Will I repurchase Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm?

Yes, it will always be there in my bag from now on.

IMBB Rating:


Take care ladies 🙂 bye!

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43 thoughts on “Himalaya Herbals Natural Sun Protection Lip Balm-Review

  1. I like the review but previously I was using Himalaya lip balm which comes in tube. I had a bad bad bad experience with it. It makes my skin near lips so oily like I am an oil tank lol. Staying power was too low that I swear I wont use it again. This one looks good as its in lipstick packaging. Still I am confusing whether to try or not.

    1. Yes i agree with Manisha, i also had a very bad experience with Himalaya Tube Lip Balm. It was like i am putting some kind of oil direct on to my lips. But liked the review of this one. At Rs 99 there is no harm in trying this product.

      1. Hi manisha and divya, for day use the lip balm comes in tube will not work.. try it at night before going to bed, morning you would definitely wake up with soft lips 🙂 i use it like that only..

        1. Thanks for the tips Shami, I’ll try today itself & tell you my experience. I have one tube lying unused. At least now I can finish it off 🙂

  2. Wow, while I’m not sure about the sunscreen claim, I like the fact that this one is so super moisturising. Zinc oxide is a barrier type of sunscreen actually.
    And petroluem free…I don’t know the disadvantages of a petroleum wala balm but find the beeswax containing balms extremely moisturising

  3. loving your posts aparajita.and ur pout looks cute! but i think i will give this product a miss for i’m more into tinted stuff!

  4. hey aparajita can you tell us your lip care routine? your lips really seem to be healthy in all your posts 🙂 thanks in advance!

  5. After reading ur review I bought & tried this lip balm. It is a gud one & I agree with all ur pros, –
    it is indeed very moisturising & stays long,
    but just one thing – it leaves my lips with a white layer & I dont like that.
    But certainly a very gud product.

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