Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream

Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream Review

The Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream is a product that delivers what it promises. The two main ingredients in this hair cream are wheatgerm and Indian gooseberry (amla). I looked up wheatgerm online and found that it is full of vitamins A, D, E and protein and therefore promotes hair growth and in turn healthy hair. Amla as most of us know, promotes hair growth, adds lustre and maintains the hair colour.

Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream
Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream

What Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream claims to do:

“Naturals Proteins – Stronger roots – Softness & Shine

Nourishes your hair with natural Proteins derived from ingredients like Wheatgerm and Chickpea. Indian Gooseberry and Thistles promote hair growth. Use regularly before and after shampooing for well nourished, soft and shiny hair.”


Chickpea or besan is known to be rich in Vitamin B6 and Zinc which gives you the much needed hair protein. I think it is great that this has the chickpea element in it. Imagine the horror of putting the actual besan on your hair. Eww!

Anyway, this product is really good. I have frizzy hair and my sister ruined hers by colouring it a year ago and has been trying a bunch of things to tame her hair ever since. I used Himalaya Cream back in my graduation days and recently remembered how good this was. So when we bought the cream a week ago, we were pleasantly surprised!

Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream product
Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream product

The Himalaya cream is white in colour but it disappears in the hair when you apply. Although it does not say how to apply it or how long to keep it for, I generally wear it the whole night or maybe half hour before I wash my hair. I have not tried it after a wash because it kind of makes the hair sticky so I’m not sure I’m even going to experiment with that!

One more thing, I have noticed that this cream works differently with different shampoos! I don’t know what it is but it’s a fact. When I say ‘differently’ I mean with some shampoos it works very well and just about OK with others. This is just my experience and may not happen to you. But it works one way or another! Like it says on the jar, it makes the hair soft, adds a little bit of shine and it stays that way for at least one or two days.

Price: INR 100 for 175 gms.

Other ingredients: Chanaka, Amalaki, Bhringaraja, Godhuma [All natural ingredients!]


• Makes hair shiny and soft.
• Tames down dry, frizzy hair.
• Worth the money.
• Smells amazing.
• Easy to apply. Apply this just like oil – in the roots and tips.
• Has natural ingredients.
• Keeps the hair manageable at least two days after use.
• Lasts a long time even if you use it twice a week because a little product is enough for the hair.


• Taking the product out of the jar can be annoying.
• The mask is very creamy so you have to use soap to get that slippery feeling off your palms.

Will I reach for it again?

Yes but not any time soon because I’m experimenting with hair products for frizzy hair. I want to see what else works! But I definitely recommend it.


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31 thoughts on “Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream

  1. I have always wondered about this cream. I like himalaya shampoos in general. I will give this a try for sure. Himalaya is a quite a decent brand, nothing great or worse about them. :-)) :-))

    Thanks, Anuya. 🙂

    1. Hey Rati,

      I have tried a bunch of of things from Himalaya and it’s always been a hit and miss for me. But this hair cream I LIKE:) :yes: But I agree with you, there’s nothing too great about them. [I wouldn’t have risked saying this if I had taken a job there 2 yrs ago! :sarcasm: }]

  2. I’v just purchased this last week & used last sunday n loving d effect it has on my hair. Also using Dove hairmask for hairfall control on sundays. Now will use Dove hairmask on a sunday & this on d next sunday.

    1. Hi Nimi

      Good to know you like this. Tell me how the Dove hairmask is working out? Ive been meaning to try it. Now i have to cuz my sister took the HImalaya one with her!

  3. My hubby uses this product as an after hair wash for setting his hair…and i think he likes it because he uses it everyday and he is anti anything other than coconut oil :laugh: and i dont find his hair sticky after use…so i guess one can use it after wash too ?:-) though to be frank have not been tempted to use it yet….wonder why 😐

  4. ya …u r right :-)) + he is a complete Himalaya product guy from Shampoo to body lotion to this cream…so i guess that adds to it !!!

  5. this is amzing cream , i love himalaya product ….. this cream saved my hair , thnx to himalaya .. i m very hppy…full marks 🙂

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