Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel Review

Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel Review

Hello everyone!!! Since I m “BLESSED” with supa (avoid the slang, I meant super hehe) oily skin, I m on lookout for good skin products which will help in controlling the oil formation throughout the day. So far I have found NONE!! UNO, NIET!! I suffer from a mild break- out problem since the time I started working in laboratory for my project and I also tried visiting dermatologists but no improvements so far. So a few weeks back on my visit to hypercity store, I came across this new face wash by Himalaya which goes by the name of Oil balancing face wash gel. I couldn’t resist myself and thought of trying this face wash to quench my curiosity. As a researcher by profession I love to experiment. This nature has enabled me to keep changing and exploring with different face washes, toners and moisturizers so that I can conclude which one is good for my skin. Anyways let’s come back to our review —

Himalaya oil balancing face wash gel

Price: 65 Rs. (decently priced yeah??)
Quantity: 100 ml

Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash
Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash

This face wash comes in a flip open lid plastic pack. Let me tell ya the lid is super tight making this pack every SAFE to carry around in bags. I have had history of losing plenty of face wash because the lid of the pack opened up while I carried it around in purse (Yups I carry around face wash in ma purse☺). ANYWAYS, this face wash comes in gel consistency with a strong aroma of honey and citron fruit.

Himalaya Oil Balancing FAce Wash Back
Himalaya Oil Balancing FAce Wash Back

BELIEVE ME when I say the fragrance is heavenly!!! It has minute granules of citron which I assume is helpful for exfoliation.

Himalaya Oil Balancing FAce Wash Swatch
Himalaya Oil Balancing FAce Wash Swatch

What the product claims:
A soap-free herbal formulation will gently cleanse face and remove excess oil. It is enriched with CITRON, an astringent and cooling agent, and HONEY, which has natural, deep cleansing properties. Unlike soap, it will not leave your face feeling dry and stretched.
Madhu (honey) – 10 mg, Bijapura extract (Citrus medica)-50 mg

Since ancient times, honey has been used for various purposes. Honey and skin care is a very good combination. Honey has been known to possess ability to attract moisture and retain it. Hence it is used as moisturizer. It is known that Cleopatra use to bathe in honey and milk to keep her skin looking youthful. In addition of retaining moisture, honey also possesses anti-oxidant properties. This property plays a crucial role in protecting skin from damage caused by pollution and also ultraviolet rays.
Citron fruit is fragrant fruit which was mainly used for medical purposes in ancient times. Citron juice with honey was considered as effective antidote to poison (hmm makes u wonder why will they use an “antidote” in a face wash). However, today citron is mainly used for fragrance purposes. It is also used on skin disorders and relieves from itching.

I definitely love this product because although it is not successful in keeping my skin “oil-free” I admit the fact that this face wash does a pretty good job of removing excess oil produced. It is also effective in keeping my “T-Zone “oil-free for a couple of hours. But eventually the “T-zone” does become oily. It may not work on everyone but it is doing a pretty decent job on my skin. The tube contains a clear transparent gel which does not actually foams up or anything… hmm I mean it does lather up but not as much as a soap does. Also I must add that the fragrance of this product is just heavenly. It refreshes me up and also, banishes my sleep every morning (hehe I m NOT a morning person !!). Lastly, the product indeed does not leave your face dry and stretchy, thanks to the moisturizing properties of honey. 🙂

PROS of Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel:

  • Super tight lid makes it good to carry in case you are travelling.
  • Decently priced.
  • It contains 100% herbal actives. Yaayyy !!
  • Removes excess oil and dirt leaving your skin feeling fresh. Great for oily skin.
  • Gentle on my skin. Doesn’t make my skin break-out.
  • Love the smell of citron and honey.

CONS of Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel:

  • Well what do I say — there aren’t any!!! I am loving this product.


15 thoughts on “Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel Review

  1. Hi rids,

    Welcome to IMBB. I quite like Himalaya face washes. Don’t love them but they just work fine with me and I like how mild they are. 🙂

    Lovely review. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the 1st article Rids 🙂

    About the face wash, i also was surprised to see a good soap-free product for Rs: 65.00. I have tried some Himalaya and some Garnier’s as well, and i can tell you between those and Kaya’s soap free face wash that i currently use, the only difference is the pump package that makes it cost 10x higher.

  3. Nice review rids. I’ve always liked himalaya and i think most of their face washes have received pretty good reviews (i think).
    btw, is there any difference between foam and lather? I’m super confused 😕 😕 ?:-)

  4. ok now if i sy this …. im actually crazy abt it bcoz this is d only face wash in d entire world dat works for my skin…. i hav oily skin .. n i break out v often … sooo dis is the perfect 1 :-*

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