Himalaya Protein Conditioner Review

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Himalaya Protein Conditioner Review

Himalaya Protein Conditioner Review

Himalaya is a well-recognized brand in the health and beauty industry trying to improve lives since 1930. Today, I will review the Himalaya Protein Conditioner. I have very dry, rough and frizzy hair. A conditioner is an indispensable part of my hair care regimen.  I have used Dove Conditioner and was quite happy with the result, but then I saw the Protein Conditioner by Himalaya and was allured by the ayurvedic ingredients in it and decided to give it a shot. It is supposed to repair and regenerate hair while deeply conditioning it.

At one point of time, my grandmother, mother and me, we all used to use Himalaya products. It used to be called Ayurvedic Concepts in those days. Our dresser used to have these white bottles with green caps. But now with so many herbal products in the market, we have changed our brand loyalties in some cases (we still use Himalaya’s moisturizer).

Product Description:

Enriched with extracts of protein rich herbs, our new conditioner nourishes your hair giving you the three essential benefits that your hair needs- strength, reduced hairfall and protection from everyday damage.  Provides intense conditioning for dry, frizzy or damaged hair. Gently repairs, regenerates and protects your hair from future damage, keeping it healthy and soft.

Repair and Regeneration

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Main Ingredients:

Aloe: effective natural moisturizer.
Yarrow: natural conditioner for hair.
Chick pea and bean sprout: rich sources of natural protein.

Directions For Use:

Gently massage into wet, shampooed hair, from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly.


Rs. 130 for 200 ml.

My Take on Himalaya Protein Conditioner:

Himalaya Protein Conditioner has a very thick and rich texture. I like its texture and love to believe that it is doing great things to repair my dry and damaged hair. Unlike most other conditioners, it can be applied even at the roots of the hair. How long the conditioner should be kept on the hair is not mentioned on the pack. I personally try to keep it for 10 minutes.


The conditioner does not rinse off easily considering its thick consistency, but that’s okay with me because I feel it is giving extra nourishment to my hair. After the hair dries, it really feels soft and shiny. Also, there are very less or absolutely no tangles and that means less hair breakage. It has quite a strong but soothing fragrance, which lingers on for the whole day.  This conditioner does nothing to tame the frizziness.  I have to use additional serum to control the frizzy hair. The thought that I have used something natural and herbal for my mane makes me feel satisfied that at least for that particular day, I did not slather anything harmful on my hair.

Pros of Himalaya Protein Conditioner:

  • Herbal formulation that is mild and safe for hair.
  • Can be used on artificially colored or permed hair.
  • Makes hair shiny and soft to touch.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Does not test on animals.
  • It is easily available in stores as well as can be purchased online.

Cons of Himalaya Protein Conditioner:

  • Does nothing to control frizziness.
  • I am doubtful about the repairing part.
  • Difficult to rinse which makes it inappropriate to use when in a hurry.
  • May not be good for oily hair.

Will I Repurchase Himalaya Protein Conditioner?

No, I don’t think so. It is nice but did nothing miraculous to cure dryness of my hair.  Next time, I would rather invest in some other brand or maybe go back to buying a new variety of Dove conditioner again.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. i was tempted to get this :worship: :worship: :worship: but thank god i dint !!!!!! 😉 😉 😉 i am in love with my dove oil nourishing conditioner , it has done wonders for my hair :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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