Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter Review

Body Type: Normal to dry

Hello ladies!

I have recently purchased three body butters from Himalaya. These are specially formulated for pregnant women but they are just like a normal body butter that can be use by all. So I am using it for few weeks now. Today I am talking about Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter. Let’s get into the review.

Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter

Price: Rs. 320/- for 200ml
Product Description:
Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter description

My Experience with Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter:

The body butter comes in various sizes and they all come in a round plastic jar with a green cap. Inside the jar a tray nicely covers the cream. I couldn’t find its smaller size at store but I have seen them online. So this 200ml jar is little heavy to carry. I am not fan of jar packaging as this is not so hygienic. But it is a nice body butter at this affordable price.

Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter packaging

They have three variants and this rose body butter has the most beautiful smell among them. The smell is exactly like a fresh rose that feels so good and fresh on skin. I love this pleasant smell of rose. Smell is not so strong, and it feels extremely soothing on skin.

Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter open tub

It has thick creamy texture that glides smoothly on skin and it feels little heavy on skin. So I need coin size of cream for my body and it easily blends on skin. It absorbs into skin nicely. It instantly provides a great relief to skin and it also has a fresh soothing effect. It hides all the dryness on skin but it feels little greasy during summer. It is good for super dry skin and it’s a great option for winter. But this is not too oily like ‘lavender’ one. I can apply it at day time if I need that extra hydration. I mostly prefer to apply it at night and on the next morning my skin looks so healthy and nourished.

Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter product

It is rich with cocoa butter that makes skin super soft and provides that desires deep hydration to it. My skin is healthy and glowing and it heals extra dry skin with its thick texture. Regular usage brings changes to my skin texture. Also the softness stays long on skin. It stays around 12hrs on skin and I don’t need to reapply it. So it is a really long lasting body butter.

Overall I am happy with it and especially with its soothing smell of roses. The smell really enhances my inner energy. Maybe this concept is for moms but you can easily use it. It behaves like a normal rich deep hydrating body butter.

Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter swatch

Pros of Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter:

• Affordable.
• Comes in various sizes.
• Beautiful soothing smell of roses.
• Smell stays long on body.
• Thick texture glides smoothly on skin.
• Absorbs nicely on skin.
• Provides that super soft moisturized skin.
• Heals dry skin and provides great relief to them.
• Feels fresh and soothing on skin.
• Softness stays long on skin.
• Doesn’t need reapplication.
• Repairs dry skin and makes skin healthy.
• Great option for dry skin and best for winter.

Cons of Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter:

• Unhygienic jar.
• Feels little heavy.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Himalaya Soothing Rose Body Butter?
Yes to both; I am highly recommending this to all.

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