Hip Hop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack Review

Hello sweeties,
Nose pore strips are one of the things that I love. They are so instant to use and so less painful than the blackhead removing tool. Mumbai is a place where there is so much of pollution and the pores get clogged in just a day. Hence I always keep a pack with me for emergencies. I have used a lot of brands like Cettua,Purederm, Ponds etc. I spotted these at a beauty store and as I have a good experience with HipHop stuff so I went ahead with trying this. Let’s see how these worked for me.


Price: Rs 90 for 5 Strips

Product Description by Hip Hop:
HipHop deep cleansing nose strips are designed to remove dirt, blackheads and oil and also unclog pores from the nose area. The strip adheres to the dirt and oil in your pores and then they are lifted away as you remove the strip.

My Experience with Hip Hop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack:-

HipHop nose strips pack contains 5 pore strips. Each strip is individually packed in their packets. They are easy to carry. Looking at the price I would say, these are the costliest ones I tried. Normally the strips are like 10-15 bucks per strip. They are to be applied on a wet nose. I went ahead and applied warm water on my nose and was ready. The strip is thinner than the normal pore strips what I have used. I stuck it on but it did not seem to sit tight on my nose. It wasn’t that sticky and was coming out a bit. I kept it for 20 minutes.


It is made of POP so normally after a while it starts getting tighter; but nothing as such with this one. It felt pretty loose on the nose. Hence I removed it without waiting further. And when I removed it I could not see a single blackhead or whitehead on the strip. I touched my nose and the whiteheads felt the same, no change at all. In fact they have given some after using a towel. What do I use it for? I thought maybe it may work for mom since she has much more blackheads and white heads than me; but the same happened with her too. It did not work at all. I do not know what was wrong with the strips! This was a total waste of my money and a big disappointment. So I would prefer to stick Cettua or Purederm and would suggest you guys not to ever buy this pack.


Pros of Hip Hop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack:-

  • Available in beauty stores and online as well.
  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Cons of Hip Hop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack:-

  • Expensive as compared to all the other brands available in India.
  • It did not work at all.
  • It did not even pick up a single blackhead or whitehead.
  • It did not clean any grim from the nose; deep cleansing claim was far to be fulfilled.
  • Normally these are made of POP so its sticks very well but this felt loose on the nose.
  • It becomes tight after a while which removes dirt effectively; but nothing as such with this one.
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    Will I Repurchase/Recommend Hip Hop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack?
    No not at all. This did not work only for me or my mom. Hence wouldn’t even look at it from now. A total disappointment, so do not think of putting your money behind this one.

    IMBB Rating: 1/5


    Conclusion: This was a total waste of time and money. I think I will throw them because they do not work at all. I would rather stick to the local brands available for such nose strips.

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