Hip Hop Lipo Wax Facial Wax Strips Review

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Till some time back, Veet had a monopoly over the market for ready to use wax strips. Hip Hop emerged as a new player, with its affordable and effective products for hair removal. Most of us have facial hair, and need frequent trips to the parlor for getting them threaded or waxed. I purchased Hip Hop Lipo Wax Facial Wax Strips, and have good things to say about this product. Read on for the detailed review.

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Product Description:
• Most convenient, easiest & safest way to get rid of unwanted hair from small & crucial areas of the face.
• Hygienically packed – 6 double sided wax strips, no stickiness, no mess.
• Ready to use wax strips, removes hair from the root unlike conventional wax or hair removing cream.
• Can be used on upper lip, chin, forehead, cheeks. Cut the strip with scissor according to the area to be waxed.
• Same strip can be used 2 to 3 times during waxing, depending on the skin type. (for oily skin – 1 to 2 times, for dry skin 2 to 3 times).

Rs. 80 for 10 strips


how to use

There are 10 pre-coated face wax strips in a white and orange cardboard box. The packaging is simple and travel friendly. It also contains 1 after depil towelette.

My Experience with Hip Hop Lipo Wax Facial Wax Strips:

I hate getting my upper lips and chin area threaded, as my skin is extremely sensitive and turns red and itchy. In the hope to make matters simpler, I purchased these facial wax strips by Hip Hop. Each wax strip is double sided, and enough to cover half a cheek at a go. For smaller areas, like upper lips and chins, you can cut the strip to required size.


Since it contains natural ingredients like Beeswax, Gum and Castor Oil, it doesn’t irritate the skin. It is effective for hair removal, but you may need to go over an area a couple of times to make it hair free completely. It doesn’t hurt very much, and I would any day use this over conventional waxing or threading.

after depil towelette

It doesn’t dry out my skin, but people with normal-dry skin will find a stretchy feeling after using this. The after depil towel is almost oil soaked, and quite moisturizing. However, I feel that they should provide at least a couple of towelettes since you end up using one at one go. Contrary to myths, hair doesn’t grow back thicker or coarser, and some may find lesser growth in due course of time. These wax strips provide a safe, fuss-free facial waxing experience and I would repurchase a couple more packets soon.

Pros of Hip Hop Lipo Wax Facial Wax Strips:

• Travel friendly
• Simple packaging
• 10 pre-coated wax strips for easy use
• Dermatologically tested
• Non-irritating
• Removes 80-90% hair at one go
• Doesn’t make hair grow back thicker or coarser
• Good quality towelette
• Cheap

Cons of Hip Hop Lipo Wax Facial Wax Strips:

• Only 1 towelette is not enough
• Some skin types may feel stretchy after using this
• Need to go over twice on some areas

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Hip Hop Lipo Wax Facial Wax Strips?
Yes, as it is a convenient & quick option for those who can’t make frequent trips to parlor to get facial hair removed.

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