Hip Hop Under Eye Pads Review

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No matter what I do for my eyes, my stubborn dark circles just do not go away! Some of the remedies need a lot of patience which I don’t really have, so I get all the gels and pads that I readily get in the market. But I am going to apply cucumber juice every night as that tends to give the best results. So, coming to eye pads, a long time back I picked up Hip Hop eye pads to try out and this is my second pack. Read to know what convinced me to get a second pack.

Hip Hop Under Eye Pads Review

Rs 150 for 5 pairs and 1 soothing gel

Product Description:
Starting to see the tell-tale signs of too much work and too little sleep in the bags and circles under your eyes? Hiphop Under Eye Pads are specially designed to get rid of not just dark circles under your eyes but also crow feet. Hiphop Under Eye Pads are the best way to banish fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. It restores the skin’s firmness, elasticity and structure while combating wrinkles, puffiness and uneven colour. It gives long lasting results with eye glow. It contains milk derived peptide liposomes, collagen, vitamin K and retinol which reduces dark circles, under-eye swelling and wrinkles instantly.

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My Experience with Hip Hop Under Eye Pads:

I got the hip hop pads because the dark circles under my eye area were increasing day by day. The complexion of my face and under eye area looked pretty different which did not look appealing. Coming to these pads, they come in a blue and white box which contains 5 pairs of these under eye pairs. These pads have to be followed with a soothing gel. I think for such a price, they offer good stuff. The pads come packaged in 5 different packets and one has to be opened whenever you want to use a pair. I use one every 2-3 days to get good results. The eye pads are loaded with serum and the shape is like a curvy shell which easily fits under the eye area. The shape is perfectly designed with which you can conveniently keep doing your work.

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The serum makes the pads nicely stick under my eyes and I can leave it free. I keep the pads for 30 minutes till the serum gets completely absorbed. The serum provides a mild cooling sensation under my eyes which relaxes me to a very good extent. Although, it gets a little difficult to blink since the pads are sitting right below your eyes. The serum, at times, irritates my area a little but that sensation makes me feel that it is working. It definitely itches the eyes if at all the gel enters the eyes, hence apply these a little below the eye area. The serum gets absorbed in like 25 minutes and the pads start to loosen up.

Hip Hop Under Eye Pads Review3

I just apply a little gel over my eyes below and above as mentioned. My eyes look instantly fresh. They look totally opened up and don’t look droopy as usual. My eyes look brighter than usual and I can very much see the difference. It provides really good hydration to my under eye area which feels dry most of the time. The hydration stays for 2 days with application of eye cream every night. It does show good results on my dark circles, my 20% of the dark circles were reduced by using just 1 and a half pack. But it shows very slow results, so you need to be patient with it.

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I did not see any such effects on fine lines or wrinkles so I think we need something more professional for those purposes. But these pads help to maintain my under eye area, relax it and keep it hydrated during the current winter days. Also have some effect dark circles, so yes, I do like treating my eye area with this whenever I am free.

Pros of Hip Hop Under Eye Pads:

• Super affordable and available on all online portals
• Very easy to use since all I have to do is put the patches under my eyes and relax
• It is loaded with serum which makes it stick very well
• The shape is very nicely designed and fits perfectly under the eye area
• The serum gives a mild cooling sensation which relaxes me a lot
• My eyes feel super fresh and bright after using this
• This gives an instant lift to my droopy eyes
• It keeps my under eye area hydrated during the current season too
• My dark circles were reduced by 20% after using 1 and a half pack
• The gel provided with this is also very soothing

Cons of Hip Hop Under Eye Pads:

• It is a little difficult to blink the eyes when I have these on
• The serum can irritate the eyes
• Fine lines cannot be easily diminished with this
• It will reduce dark circles, but at a slow pace

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Hip Hop Under Eye Pads?
Yes I will surely get one more pack once I am done with this. I feel these pads work better than other similar ones available. If you are someone who works on the laptop all the time, then get this for long term and instant effects.

IMBB Rating:

Although, these take some time to show results on dark circles and fine lines, they do show instant effects to open up my droopy eyes.

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  1. This one seems like such an interesting product, would really love to try it sometime. Hip hop surely has some innovative products.

    1. Surely get it.. they have average products but they work pretty well as to they do what they claim.. and that too at such a low price 🙂

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