H&M Eyeshadow Dark Temptation: Review

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H&M Eyeshadow: Dark Temptation

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I am back with another review. Today I am here with the review of H&M Eye Shadow Duo in Dark Temptation. I always knew H&M to be a clothing store, but recently I came to know that they also have a makeup line, carrying eye shadow palettes, lip glosses, and nail paints. The products are really inexpensive, so I think that way, people can try different colors and shades, and then get them in other brands, after seeing how they look on you.

H&M Eyeshadow Dark Temptation


I do not have a clear idea, as this was a gift.


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H&M is not available in India (though there were talks of it opening a store in New Delhi) and this eye shadow palette in particular is not seen commonly. Generally they carry bigger palettes.


The eye shadow comes in a plastic case. The combined amount of product of both shades is 6g or 0.2oz. The clear case enables you to identify the shades easily, and it is pretty travel friendly (I have traveled with it in my bag a fair number of times). It does not come with an applicator. Overall, I like the packaging, simple, but works fine enough.


The two shades don’t have a name, they are just numbered 1 and 2. The ingredients list for both, is different, and mentioned separately. As you can see, they list parabens in the ingredients, which made me wary of using it often. Another thing which bothered me that it has a weird smell when you smell it up close, I can’t place it what it is.

Shades :


Coming to both the shades. they look very nice in the case, and have some pattern embossed on them, which makes it pretty. The black looked very nice, and when I first swatched it on my fingertips, the texture felt very smooth. It is somewhat pigmented, but not very build-able. At most, it will reach a sheer black kind of shade, which some people might like, but I am not a fan. But I like that it’s a matte black, and not shimmery.

The silver one on the other hand, really surprised me. It is also very smooth and powdery, and I wasn’t expecting any color payoff, considering the silver shade. It is beautiful, has very nice pigmentation, and is not very shimmery, but has a metallic finish slightly.

The black one has to be applied with a primer, otherwise it creases, and also doesn’t last for more than two-three hours. There’s also a generous amount of fallout with this shade, which is absolutely irritating since my face gets streaked with black. The silver one doesn’t crease, stays for more than 4 hours, and no fallout. Honestly, the silver is a lovely shade. It can be applied all over or only in the inner tear duct area to make your eyes look bigger.


Pros of H&M eyeshadow Dark Temptation:

• Very inexpensive.
• Two complimentary shades in a duo, black and silver.
• Great for makeup newbies, who want to try out different shades.
• Texture is very smooth and fine.
• The silver shade is beautiful.
• Good enough, durable packaging.

Cons of H&M eyeshadow Dark Temptation:

• The black shade, fallout, and creases easily.
• No applicator.
• Availability.
• Contains Parabens.
• Weird smell.

All in all, if you want to try a cheap eye shadow, they have a lot of palettes on offer, and some look good. But do not expect much quality.

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10 thoughts on “H&M Eyeshadow Dark Temptation: Review

  1. Actually, I tried it later with a self-made base (learnt at IMBB!) and faces eyeshadow brush, and it did work much better, I actually was able to do a decent smoky eye look with it 😀

    1. I too want the same 🙁
      the combination is very good, but the black was somewhat disappointing. But it’s inexpensive so can’t expect too good a quality I suppose.

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