H&M Flat Foundation Brush Review

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Few days back, I was on retail therapy and shopped a lot of H&M brushes. I shopped a lot of them believe me! I will be reviewing them in the coming days. Today’s review is about H&M Flat Foundation Brush.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review

Product Description:
For applying, blending and contouring with liquid and cream foundations and BB creams. Synthetic hair.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Packaging

€8 for 1 piece


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My Experience with H&M Flat Foundation Brush:

I used the flat foundation brush to apply liquid foundation. For foundation, I personally prefer buffing brush. I love my Zoeva and Artdeco brushes, but wanted to give this a try. With a flat foundation brush, its more like painting ones face.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Unpacked

The brush comes in a black plastic zip locked packaging. The packaging is very basic and I would not recommend reusing the cover. It will tear off after few uses and also, the bristles feather out every time you pull it out of the packaging.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Handle

The brush itself is black in color and the bristles are in brown. The ferrule is matte black and the handle is glossy black. On the handle, one can see the brand logo and also the kind of brush it is. It is all embossed in golden colour.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Ferrule

The handle is sturdy and easy to work with. Over the period of time, the handle may look dull due to wear and tear.
But, as we all know, the most important part is the bristles.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Brush Head

The bristles are tightly packed and also slightly angled. The bristles also look shiny and quite synthetic. It screams that it is made of nylon or polyester. Just by touching the bristles, one can feel that it is not as soft as normal brushes do. The bristles feel not so soft on the skin.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Bristles

The brush head is flat and the edge is curved. I applied a few spots of foundation all over my face and neck and then, used this brush to spread it all over. I felt that the foundation looked little streaky and also, I did not like the finish of it. I had to use my buffing brush to get the smooth finish. Only after using the buffing brush, I had a sense of satisfaction. I think one can use fingers for better application.

H and M Flat Foundation Brush Review Touching Bristles

The bristles do not get stained, which is good. But, they do shed slowly, but steadily. Since it is synthetic, it is easy to maintain. I just wash it with some shampoo and air dry it. I do not think that I will continue using it for foundation anymore, but would like to use this brush for applying face masks.

Overall it’s an average product. It might be good for beginners or for someone who wants to experiment with different kinds of brushes.

Pros of H&M Flat Foundation Brush:

  • Looks good.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Tightly packed bristles.
  • Good option for beginners.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Can be used to apply face masks.

Cons of H&M Flat Foundation Brush:

  • Not reusable packaging.
  • Bristles shed.
  • Bristles not very soft.
  • Bristles look and feel synthetic.
  • Streaky application.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Will I Buy H&M Flat Foundation Brush?
No, I do not find flat brush very effective in applying foundation.
Do I Recommend H&M Flat Foundation Brush?
If you are looking for an inexpensive brush to apply face masks and then dispose it off after a few uses, then go for it.

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