H&M Lip Gloss in Summer Coral Review

H&M Lip Gloss in Summer Coral

Hey everyone! I’m just loving writing for IMBB these days. It just adds so much more to the monotone of everyday life! 🙂 🙂
H&M Lip Gloss in Summer Coral

Anyways, today I want to review a Lip gloss from HM which I got with the eyeshadow duo. Finally something other than eye makeup products! 😀

I got this as a gift, and since then I’ve used it soooo many times, I am just in love with it! It definitely is one of my favourite lip glosses, mainly because of its great smell!! 😀

Price – As this was a gift, I don’t have an idea, but generally H&M makeup range is pretty inexpensive, I’ve heard.

Availability – Not available in India 🙁 But in H&M stores, it is freely available, and in many other shades too. Waiting for when H&M opens in India.

Packaging – From the outside, it looked really pretty to me. The cute coral lip gloss was visible through the transparent glass bottle which lets you see how much of the product is left (which sometimes I don’t like since I can see how fast it is diminishing 🙁 🙁 🙁 The cap is a shiny metallic dark pink which somehow looks good in this packaging! 😀 It has a regular doe-foot applicator and the sponge tip is pretty decent.
lip gloss
The quantity is 7ml, and the complete ingredients list is mentiones at the back, which I appreciate, though propyl-paraben is listed in the ingredients. Otherwise it’s just written ‘LipGloss’. Photographed in flash, you can actually see the shimmer particles (which I thought was pretty cool!)

As for the gloss itself, I was initially disappointed as I thought it is a beautiful coral, but it came out sheer (atleast on my pigmented lips). But later I saw in the description, it was written (in some language) “Pintallavis transparent liquid” which I read as “something transparent liquid” so I guess they didn’t make any false claims about color or anything. But when I blot it with a napkin it stains coral on that napkin, so I don’t know if it would show up on non-pigmented lips.

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If you see a little closely, you can see tiny shimmer particles in it, but they are not at all visible once applied to the lips. No shimmer is left on the lips once it dries out, and shimmer particles are not chunky at all.
lip swatch
The first time I used it I noticed its great smell. Once when I was reapplying it, my friends noticed it and they also started complimenting about the lovely smell. I mean it’s something like toffee, or candy, or something, but it’s awesome! 😀

This adds so much more dimension to my lips on top of a lipstick, and makes any shade look much better, coz it’s a sheer gloss.

The staying power is great. Even my lipstick will fade out under it but this leaves my lips glossy and somewhat shiny till a long time after that, definitely around 4 hours, which is pretty much decent for a gloss (plus I love reapplying it :P).

The only thing that I am not fond of is that it is slightly sticky, but not too much, so I just ignore it, but it will be a negative for some.

This is lip swatch when only gloss is applied (okay, I might have gone overboard with the gloss :D).

This is lip swatch when it is applied on top of Elle18 Roasty Red (which I love!)

PROS of H & M Lip Gloss in Summer Coral

 Inexpensive, as far as I know they come pretty cheap.
 Awesome smell!
 Shimmer is very fine, invisible on the lips.
 Cute pink packaging and coral shade is good (if it shows up).
 Complete Ingredients list mentioned which I appreciate.
 Staying power is good.
 Gives more dimension to any lipstick shade.
 Very travel friendly packaging. I’ve traveled with this more than anything else and nothing happens to it :touchwood: 😀
 Applicator is nice, serves its purpose well.
 Quantity is good.

CONS of H & M Lip Gloss in Summer Coral

 Name ‘Summer Coral’ was misleading for me, it is a sheer gloss (maybe not sheer on non-pigmented lips, but who knows).
 Somewhat sticky.
 Availability in India is an issue.
 Contains parabens.

Overall verdict– You already know that I love this mainly coz of its unique smell 😀 Even otherwise, it is pretty good 🙂

Rating– 4/5

Would I repurchase– Yes, if I find it.

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