H&M Makeup Sponge Review

I picked this makeup sponge with a handle from H&M as it looked so cute. The availability of the beauty and makeup products from H&M varies from store to store and even online. So what may be available in one store might not be found in another. Well, let’s get ahead with the review of this H&M Makeup Sponge Applicator.

H&M Makeup Sponge Review

Price: $4.99
Product Description:
Make-up sponges and applicators are make-up bag essentials that give a less messy, longer lasting and better result.

My Experience with H&M Makeup Sponge:

H&M Makeup Sponge Packaging

This beautiful sponge applicator comes in a simple transparent plastic box. Minimal product details – like product name, brand and manufacturing details – are printed on the box.

The sponge applicator comes with a metallic magenta and shiny black handle. The handle captures attention and is lightweight to hold. The material of the handle is good, feels sturdy but not heavy and is easy to grip.

H&M Makeup Sponge Back

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The sponge is a peach colored one with a slanted edge and a regular curved one. It is great to own a dual type sponge, which can be used for multiple applications. I am too lazy to wash and use my Real Techniques Makeup Sponge, so mostly I stick to using my fingers for blending. With this, I can use the slanted side for applying concealer especially in the under-eye and forehead regions.

H&M Makeup Sponge on White Background

The round side is good for applying liquid or cream based foundations. Also, the pointed edge is good for applying foundation precisely along the nose. It can also be used for applying a darker cream-liquid contour shade along the jawline.

It isn’t the softest sponge to work with. I wet it with rose water or even just water, put dots of foundation on my face and neck and blend with this. It doesn’t absorb a lot of product, so you can use a small amount of foundation. It gives a nice blended look, but if you want a flawless airbrushed finish, this is not the best one in the market.

H&M Makeup Sponge Handle

You need to figure out the right way to grip the handle and the angle so that the handle helps instead of hindering the application. This brush doesn’t work well with powder foundations, so it’s best sticking to cream-liquid formulae. It doesn’t give a patchy look and gives quite a natural finish.

It holds up well on washing without losing its shape or firmness. I like that it’s a multitasking product; foundations, concealers and contouring products can easily be applied with this. In fact, the edge might work well with highlighters too, especially for areas like the bridge of the nose.

H&M Makeup Sponge Close Up

Pros of H&M Makeup Sponge:

Pretty packaging
Multi-purpose sponge
Handle makes it hygienic
Has slanted and rounded sides
Can be used for different makeup products
Doesn’t lose shape on washing

Cons of H&M Makeup Sponge:

Could have been softer
Doesn’t give perfect airbrushed finish
Need to figure out the right way of holding the handle

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend H&M Makeup Sponge?
Probably, not sure.

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