H&M Matte Top Coat Review

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Hope you all are doing great. Today I’ll be reviewing H&M Matte Top Coat. A matte top coat is something I wanted for a very long time and as soon as my eyes fell on this one, I knew I had to buy it anyhow. I believe that every nail paint lover must have this product as it completely transforms the look of your ordinary nail paint.

H and M Matte Top Coat Review2

AED 26 for 0, 24 fl oz/ 7ml

H and M Matte Top Coat Review3


H and M Matte Top Coat Review7

This H&M Matte Top Coat comes in a matte, black coloured bottle with the product’s name printed in bold letters which makes it easy to identify. This product has a cut out black colour box from which the matte top coat bottle can be seen easily.

My Experience with H&M Matte Top Coat:

H and M Matte Top Coat Review

I always wanted to purchase a matte top coat for myself after seeing a lot of video tutorials of various nail arts on YouTube. While I was in Dubai, this tiny little bottle managed to grab my attention and I knew I had to purchase this one anyhow. I love it how a matte top coat can completely transform the look of an ordinary nail paint to something really attractive. This H&M Matte Top Coat comes in a black matte bottle with matte top coat visibly written in bold on it. The matte top coat is translucent and has a tinge of white to it. The bristles of the brush are definitely of a very good quality.

H and M Matte Top Coat Review1

After applying the base coat, I applied my nail paint. After my nail paint dried, I finally applied the matte top coat. The matte top coat partially dried within ½ a minute and completely dried within 1 ½ minute. As soon as I applied this matte coat I could see my nails transforming from glossy to matte. After the top coat completely dried, it completely transformed my nail paint from glossy to completely matte.

H and M Matte Top Coat Review4

I could see the difference after applying only one coat. My nails looked richer and more attractive. I applied the second coat for my satisfaction, but I guess just one coat is enough. After applying this top coat, the nail paint would easily last for 7 – 10 days with the matte effect. The mattifying effect of this product is absolutely amazing.


H and M Matte Top Coat Review6


H and M Matte Top Coat Review5

Pros of H&M Matte Top Coat:

• Completely transforms glossy nail paints to lovely matte nail paint
• Dries out quickly
• One coat is enough
• Stays on for 7 – 10 days
• Bristles of the brush are of good quality
• Value for money

Cons of H&M Matte Top Coat:

• It’s not available in India

IMBB Rating:
4.5 / 5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend H&M Matte Top Coat?
Definitely yes!! I’m completely in love with this product and I will also recommend this product to anyone who loves experimenting with nail paints and wants to purchase something different which can provide a new look to their nails.

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  1. ya this is cool. You don’t have to buy matte nail paints separately as it can make any paint matte. Its staying power is so good too.

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