H&M Metallic Eyeshadows Palette Review, Swatches

It is surprising to see how fast the cosmetics section in H&M is growing. I never picked up anything from that section, since I feel it is always best to pick products from companies that are specialized in that field. However, this time I decided to give it a try, mostly because the colors looked lovely! Check out the review.
H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (1)

Claims :

Eyeshadow in 5 coordinating, shimmering shades. 5 x .05 oz.

H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (6)

Price: $ 5.95 (sold for around $10 in my city though).

Main Ingredients:

H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (5)

My Experience with H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette:

The palette has 5 eyeshadows that comes in a sturdy plastic container. It doesn’t have a mirror, neither does it come with a brush. However, the small size makes it extremely travel friendly. The eyeshadows have been numbered 1 through 5, from left to right.All of them are shimmery ones, which doesn’t look over the top even if one might use it during the day. Here is a brief description on each one of them:
H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (9)
Metallic 1: It is a lovely champagne color, which would look lovely as a brow bone highlighter. For reference, it is very similar to the shade Sin by Urban Decay.
Metallic 2:This is a nice golden shade, that would look lovely on its own as well. Similar to Half Baked by UD.
Metallic 3:Shimmery brown. This can act as a good transition color.
Metallic 4: Grey, slightly silverfish, color.
Metallic 5: Metallic dark blue. This can be paired beautifully with Metallic 4.
All the eyeshadows are soft and velvety in touch. A good amount of product gets picked up with a single swipe and the pigmentation is decent as well. I feel that except for Metallic 5, all of the eyeshadows show true color.These are very easy to blend and the shades are great for Indian skin tones.
H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (2)

H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (3)
However, the staying power isn’t good at all on its own. It creases and comes off easily on the slightest rub. In order to prolong its wear, a primer is absolutely necessary. With that on, I get about 5-6 hours of staying power. All in all, it is a handy little palette to help you achieve looks for both day and night occasion.

Pros of H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette:

 Soft and smooth texture.
 Great palette for travels.
 Good pigmentation, except for Metallic 5.
 Great choice of shades suitable for Indian skin tones.
 Inexpensive.

Cons of H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette:

 Doesn’t come with a mirror or an applicator.
 Creases and isn’t long lasting, unless a primer is used.

H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (7)

H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (8)
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Would I Buy or Recommend H&M Metallic Eyeshadow Palette?

If you are okay with having to use a primer every time you use such a palette, then I have nothing to stop you from getting it :D! Because of the colors and its reasonable price, it is quite a handy palette in my opinion.

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8 thoughts on “H&M Metallic Eyeshadows Palette Review, Swatches

  1. Wow! I didn’t know h&m made eyeshadows! It’s a good mix of warm and cool tones. Thank you for introducing it to us umaimah!

    1. My pleasure Ramya 😀 They have an entire makeup line including foundation, concealers, bronzer, blushes, lippies, eyeshadows etc. I’m still not convinced to give the other products a shot, absolutely content buying their clothes only 🙂

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