Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet Review

By Revathi K.

I am very new to sheet masks and after reading so many good reviews, I too decided to buy few masks to pamper me 🙂 I have tried mask sheets from The Face Shop and have liked them. When I saw this Holika face mask online, I just brought it out of curiosity. I did not even check what this Makgeolli meant :p After this got delivered, I wondered what this Makgeolli really meant (scared) and googled. To my relief, it is some sort of a rice wine. Read on for more details on this mask.

Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet Review

Product Description:
Containing Makgeolli extract thats rich in minerals,vitamins and enzymes helps to keep your skin bright and clear. For all skin types.

Apply toner to skin after washing.
Open the package, unfold the mask sheet,and fit the mask over the face. Remove the mask after 15 to 20 minutes, and pat the remaining essence gently to absorb.
3 mask sheets for $3.7

My Views on Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet:

I am quite new with regards to trying out face mask sheets, hence cannot do much comparison with other masks. I have used 2-3 sheet masks from The face shop and felt that they just make my face feel fresh and hydrated and this one as it claims brightens my face.

Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet details

Packaging is similar to usual ones, a one-time use mask sheet comes enclosed in a sachet. Lately, I have been busy and have not taken proper care of my skin other than the usual moisturizing routine.

I had even skipped weekly scrubbing. So, I decided to take some time out and pamper myself and started exfoliating my face gently using Olay facial brush. After patting my face dry, I applied rose water as a toner. After that, I used this mask sheet and fitted the same over my face.

The fit was not very perfect. Anyway, I guess we cannot expect a mask sheet to fit perfectly as every face shape is not the same. This was a big round mask. I felt it most difficult to adjust around the lips. Some area around my lips was not getting covered. Other than that, it covered my whole face and was slightly bigger for me. It was very moist not too drippy. The cover did not have much essence left. Whatever I could get from it, I massaged it onto my neck.

Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet mask

I felt a very slight burning sensation, I guess it was because I had exfoliated my face prior to application. Anyway, after around 15 minutes, I started to get a slightly stretchy feeling. I decided to remove the mask. The mask was not still dry, it still had some essence left. Hence I rubbed the sheet on my neck and hands.

My face had a well moiturised look and was covered with the essence, so I gently rubbed and patted the face so that the essence will get absorbed. It felt slightly sticky. After 10 minutes, I washed my face and neck. My face looked slightly fresh, but I could not see much difference. My face was not oily, it did look well moisturised. I could see that some areas like edge of nose, and areas around lips , where the mask did not cover had dry patches.

After around one hour, I could see that my face was bright. I did see the brightening effect for sometime. I applied this mask around afternoon time. At night, after using a night cream, my face looked very good, kind of glowy. This brightening effect was there till the next day, even when I woke up. It was slightly lesser than the previous day. After some time, my face was back to normal, still a fresh look was there. So, I guess the effects will be there for around one day. After a few hours of applying the mask, you can see the brightening effect and then it gradually wears off.

You cannot expect any miraculous effect, still it is good. If your skin is looking dull, you can give this a try. I am happy with the mask. When you are in a hurry and want a radiant face, this will come in handy.

Pros of Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet:

  • Hassle-free sheet mask.
  • Moisturising.
  • Brightening.
  • Refreshing and hydrating.
  • Did not break me out.

Cons of Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet:

  • The fit of sheet mask was not very good.
  • The effects are not long lasting.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet?
It delivers the brightening claim. I am happy with this mask. I will mostly repurchase it.

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