Home Remedies for Body Odor

Home Remedies for Body Odor

Body odor can really harm your confidence and social life. People with body odor are always conscious amidst a group.. but worry not. There are lots of ways you could combat body odor, apart from loading your underarms with anti-antiperspirants and deo sprays. Chemicals can be very bad for the system in the long run. If you suffer from body odor, opt for these home remedies to combat body odor on a day to day basis.
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Sweat, that is mostly water, is a cooling system for our body. Sweat also means waste removal and bits of fat etc from the body. It is this fat and secretions that the bacteria feed on, and their waste products actually cause the odor. There can be lots of ways to kill this bacteria that causes odor.Read below:

Hand sanitizer:

Though not a very homely remedy, sanitizers are your quick fix for the underarm bacteria. Rub it on the armpits in case of emergency.

Alum stone:

Fitkari or alum was used to purify water, as per what I hear from ,my grandparents.Alum is a mineral that can fight bacteria. Rub alum on the underarms like a roll on deo. Wash the stone and store.

Tea tree oil:

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This again is a bacteria killing agent used to kill acne bacteria as well.It works in a similar way, try diluting tea tree oil and rub some on the underarms.This can burn so take a patch test.

Essential oils:

Lavender oil also has properties to fight bacteria. It will also emanate a nice fragrance without using a deo. Do a patch test or dilute and use.
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Lemon juice is not only effective in killing bacteria with its citric acid, but also whitens underams when used regularly.Citric acid makes the underarms more acidic, making bacteria-thriving a hard task. You can rub some slices of lemon before bath or use cotton to apply diluted lemon juice on the armpits.

Witch hazel:

Witch hazel lowers the ph of the underarms thereby making bacteria thriving harder. Use witch hazel directly on the underarms with a cotton ball.


Vinegar also works in the same way as tea tree oil and witch hazel. Use white vinegar on a cotton ball and apply to arm pits. Or else you can use a spray bottle to spritz some on the underarms.

Baking soda:

Baking soda works as a natural deodorant. Mix this with lemon juice to make a paste.Apply this paste for 5-10 minutes before bath. This will also act as a whitening agent for your underarms.

Sage herb:

Sage herb acts as an anti-bacterial and also reduces the activity of sweat glands. It also acts as a natural deodorizer. Mix sage essential oil with some carrier oil and dab onto underarms.

Turnip juice:

This can be collected with grating and squeezing turnip and applied as a mask for underarms.


Rosemary can be used like an added herb to your bath water. Alternatively, you could use this dried herb powder as a mask for underarms.
Apple cider:

Apple cider can be applied undiluted with cotton ball on the underarms. This can also be added to bath water daily.


Just like acne prone skin, you can rub tomato slices on the underarms like lemon slices, to control sweat and bacteria.

If you use something at home to combat body odor, do tell us in the comments below 🙂

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