10 Home Remedies For Bumps on Face after Waxing

It’s not unusual for women to notice angry bumps on their hair-free face after a routine session of waxing. Bumps and boils is not what you want to see on your smooth skin. Even if you are getting your hair removed at a salon by professionals or all by yourself with katori wax, most of the times you would still spot a few of these on your face. These bumps are a result of inflammation from the forced removal of hair from its follicle. Do not fret, they will vanish from your skin if you follow these tips, and what’s great, these all are natural remedies. One important tip is to never pick or pop on your bumps, it can further aggravate or lead to an infection in worst case scenario. So, here are the list of home remedies that you should totally if you are someone who develops bumps on face after waxing.

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1. Apply ice cubes: Rub ice cubes on the affected area gently at regular intervals through the day till you see a considerable improvement in the appearance of the bumps. You can also make ice cubes with aloe vera and cucumber juice for fast relief. To make these ice cubes – take equal amount of aloe vera gel and freshly-made cucumber juice and pour this mixture into an ice cube tray and keep in the freezer. After waxing, apply these cubes to your skin generously and you will end up with soft and smooth skin too.

2. Green tea face pack: Green tea is an inflammatory ingredient and it can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Seep 4 green tea bags in hot water and let it rest for 10 minutes. When the liquid cools down, transfer it into a spray bottle and spritz all over face for instant relief.

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3. Honey face pack: Pure honey not only soothes and disinfects skin with its anti-bacterial properties, it also speeds up the healing process. Apply an even layer of pure honey on your face and it sit for not more than 15 minutes. Rinse off and pat your face gently.

4. Aloe vera gel face pack: Aloe vera is a magical ingredient that treats a majority of skin issues. Aloe vera can instantly work to reduce inflammation quickly. Make a natural pack with freshly-peeled aloe vera gel and cool it in the refrigerator for added benefits before application.

5. Chamomile oil: Chamomile oil works really well to calm and soothe skin with its natural antioxidants. You can mix chamomile oil with almond oil and apply this mixture directly on to your whole face. You would see a marked difference in the appearance of rashes.

6. Oatmeal face pack: Oatmeal can treat a variety of skin issues like eczema, rashes, and inflammation. A natural homemade face pack with powdered oats and honey will bring down the inflammation considerably.

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7. Hydrocortisone cream: Hydrocortisone creams can be bought from pharmacies without a prescription to bring down inflammation, itching, rashes, and bumps on the skin.

8. Aloe vera and rose water face pack: Making a face pack with aloe vera and rose water would work wonders on soothing inflammation and redness.

9. Tea Tree Oil: You can also apply tea tree oil topically to soothe bumps. It’s best to leave the oil overnight for speedy results.

Bumps on face after waxing

10. Witch hazel toner: You can apply witch hazel with a cotton ball on the bumps to relieve itchiness, associated with the swelling of the bumps.

Next time you decide to do facial waxing, do pull out this article for quick fixes. 🙂

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