Home Remedies For Dark Eyelids

Home Remedies For Dark Eyelids

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fabulous! I got a query related to dark eyelids, I mean remedies and cure for dark lids since her makeup didn’t really show up due to darkening of the lids, so I thought I’d rather jot down an article which could be helpful to everyone! So here are some home remedies for dark eyelids! 
First and fore mostly, stress is the major cause for dark eyelids! Stress leads to improper appetite followed by incomplete sleep and all the other mess, which ultimately causes a lot of changes and problems in a person’s mental and physical appearance! So try NOT to stress, I know it is impossible to do so in the world we are breathing today! But it is always worth a try!!

Include, vitamin B, omega 3, fatty acids and iron in your diet! Green leafy vegetables and fish are also great for fading away dark lids! Dehydration also causes darkening of the eyelids. A proper sleep of 8 hours also helps the lids brighten up!!

Home Remedies For Dark Eyelids

Now for some remedies!

• Sliced cucumbers! Place sliced cucumbers on the eyes and relax! This is possibly the oldest tricks to relieve the eyes!
• Dip a cotton pad in rose water and have it on your eyes as frequently as possible!
• My most trust trick, olive oil massage! This really works magic!

Home Remedies For Dark Eyelids
• Almond oil for eyelid pigmentation also works wonderfully!
• Coriander and carrot juice together proves to be a very effective remedy for lid pigmentation! You can either dab the juice with a cotton pad on the area, or drink it for some magical results.
• Liquids and water consumption are apparently the easiest way of getting rid of skin pigmentation of any kind!
• Lemon juice and rose water mixed together and applied on the eyelids are also quiet effective for pigmentation! Do this regularly before going to bed and you shall be amazed with the results!

Home Remedies For Dark Eyelids

I know there are oodles of different products in the market for this problem! There are ways to fake bright eyes, but a natural difference is a natural difference!

Other than this, wear an appropriate refractive glass whilst working on the computer! Relax your eyes, television, cell phones and laptops are always there to disturb them, but then take a day off!
What are your trusted home remedies for dark eyelids?

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