7 Home Remedies for Hair Growth that Show Amazing Results

Hair growth is a must-have for all the ladies. Owing to population and our lifestyle changes, our hair is in a pretty bad shape. And winters are a good time to take care of your hair. As there are ample of natural products available, you can try a number of home remedies to take care of your hair growth, which will show amazing results. Have a look at some of them given below.

Hair Growth Amazing Results

1. Hibiscus Flower:

Hibiscus Flower is a well-known flower for it’s numerous benefits. The flower is also used as a tea flavour. But the flower juice and petals has got a number of medicinal properties which is extremely useful for your hair. It helps to open up the pores and also tighten the scalp. This promotes healthy hair growth in return.

2. Licorice:

It prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone which triggers lose pores. These lose pores allow bacteria not to enter your hair and thus prevent dry flakes to appear on your scalp. Dry scalp lowers less oil production on your scalp and thus contributes to hair loss. Add some drops of licorice to banana paste or curd and then apply it on your roots.

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3. Beetroot:

Beetroot helps in boosting immunity system. If you consume beetroot juice on daily basis, it will promote natural oil production on your scalp which will lessen hair fall and promote hair growth. You can also try to make a beetroot paste out of the beetroot leaves. Take 10-12 beetroot leaves and then make a paste out of it. Apply it on your hair and then leave it for some time. Wash it away with normal water.

4. Safflower:

Safflower oil is known to be a fab vasodilator. It widens the blood circulation in your scalp and contributes to healthy hair growth. So, you should try to use safflower oil in different forms for your hair. Try to use more and more safflower oil in your diet. Also, combine safflower oil with olive oil and use it as a hair oil.

5. Ground Flaxseeds:

Omega 3 fatty acids are very important for healthy hair growth and thick and shiny hair. And a little flaxseed is perfect for your body. One spoon of flaxseed contains 1.8 grams of omega 3 fatty acids. Grind 2 tablespoon full of flaxseeds and dissolve it in water. Drink this every morning before breakfast and you will see that the bacterial and fungal infections will get reduced on your scalp.

6. Hanging Head Therapy:

This therapy helps the hair to reach its nutrients and promotes blood circulation to the roots. This will ensure healthy hair development at the roots. You can also massage your hair for some time with your fingers for a good 5-10 minutes.

7. Hair Power Mixture:

Mix cinnamon powder into olive oil and coconut oil in equal portions. Now, apply this paste all over your hair and let it sit for a good 5-7 minutes. This paste will ensure that your hair is cool and free of any bacterial or fungal infections.

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