Five Home Remedies For Pimples/ Acne

Five Home Remedies For Pimples/ Acne

Hi Beautiful Ladies,

Most people, whether a teen or an adult, have faced acne problems. It is not a severe problem or not even a rare problem, but still there is no foolproof and sureshot solution to this problem. I have been a sufferer of the acne problem too and have tried innumerable face washes, numerous face packs and creams.  I just needed to see the word acne in any product and I would buy and try the products on my face.  Very few worked and ones which did were temporary and not totally effective in the long run.

Five Home Remedies For Pimples Acne

So, I decided to come back to the tips given to me by my mom and grandmom and they usually worked and those that didn’t work at least gave me the satisfaction that though they could not prove beneficial, those natural packs and scrubs were not harmful either. So, I will share with you a few of the natural ways to fight acne, some of which I have tried myself and some that I have heard from people to have worked wonders for them.

Now, not all acne problems are severe; however, though the severity can vary, there are certain reasons why acne usually occurs to some people. Stress, genes, hormones, bacteria and diet are some of the reasons why you might have an acne problem. The cure of the ace problem also depends a lot on the extent of the attack. Whether home remedies will work in such a severe case is unknown to me. However, it does work if you have a mild acne attack.

Here are five of them:

1. Dietary Supplements:

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Vitamin E supplement

Though not an exact home remedy, I am starting my list with them because your diet is really important. So, besides the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and fiber, you should have supplements which contain zinc and vitamin A. Acne usually attacks your skin when the skin pores are clogged by the oils that the oil glands produce, refusing the skin to breathe freely. To fight this problem, vitamin A regulates the amount of oil that is produced by the oil glands. Zinc is essential because it helps to heal the acne and also reduces the spots left by the acne even after they have gone.

2.  Oatmeal:


They are extremely beneficial for your health when consumed, but they are beneficial to stop acne problems as well. Use the oatmeal as a scrub by soaking it in water or milk after which it becomes soggy and easy to apply on the skin. Use water or milk depending on the weather and your skin type. It can work wonders for your acne. However, be gentle on your skin and do not exfoliate too hard.

3.  Essential Oils:

Essential oil

There are certain oils which can solve your acne problems and even if you face a little difficulty finding them, the try will be worth the effect. You will need lavender oil, jojoba oil and tea tree oil to make this magic wonder. Though I have just tried using the jojoba oil which also worked on my very mild acne, mixing it with the other two can be more effective. In a bottle which has been properly cleansed, mix these three oils. Now, apply them regularly on your face with a cotton ball. All of them have antiseptic features that can cure acne problem because it is usually caused by the P. bacteria.

4. Steam:


Taking steam can cure you of your sinusitis and it can also take care of your skin. You can add some mint in your steam water to work on your skin better. Taking regular steam, not only saves acne from coming, it also reduces pores and improves the overall health of your skin. However, remember to dab some cold water or ice after the steam to close the cleansed pores.

5. Nettle Tea:


You have heard of green tea. Wondering what is nettle tea? Well, like green tea, nettle tea has many health benefits and can help with your skin problems as well.  Since it is more common in the Mediterranean, availability might be a problem, though several online sites do stock up on nettle tea.

Hoping my compilation on home remedies against pimples is useful to all the IMBB readers,

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12 thoughts on “Five Home Remedies For Pimples/ Acne

  1. never heard of nettle leaves anveshi. Steaming is the easiest and one of the most effective way to keep your skin looking good. I guess i will also do steaming this week. It’s feels calming also during winters. :))

    1. i love steaming too. shud put it down in my ‘things-to-do-this-weekend’ list. :).

      i have suddenly developed pimples over the past few days. Bought a couple of new products (Narangi ubtan from FE & FabIndia face wash) so wondering which one of these 2 could be causing it. 🙁

  2. hi…nice post….let me tell u all the pics r so beautiful(lol).anyways i have used hot water steaming(with vicks in it:)) for my bad cold, but never for curing acne,but would do that this week itself!
    I was in china for last 4 yrs n believe me most of the chinese have so good n flawless skin the reason is they drink a lot of green tea,i too started it n had glowing skin,so if u r not getting nettle tea leaves, u can buy green tea packets which are available in market (its green in colour shape like indian chai-patti)
    Drinking plain hot water also helps.

  3. Oooh! Great post ,Anveshi! :clap: Thanks soo much for sharing! I’ll show it to my brother immediately. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  4. Haven’t heard of those four remedies that you had but certainly I had witnessed the wonders of a nettle tea. It clearly detoxify your body again harsh radicals which causes you to get sick and even had acne. But acne does not only can be gain through constant change of our hormones but also on the outside factor that we get through daily. Precisely, we must add some hygienic measure and that should be imperative.

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