Home Remedies to Treat Heat Rash

Home Remedies to Treat Heat Rash

Summers are synonymous with scorching hot sun and superfluous sweating, which bring with it various skin problems like sweaty feet and hands, acne and heat rash etc.

Heat rash, characterized by small red bumps, itching and swelling, is a skin condition that generally occurs during hot summer months. In medical terms, this condition is known as miliaria. People of all ages get affected by this condition. Usually, the condition strikes in clothed parts of the body, such as the neck, stomach, upper chest, armpits, back, and groin.


Mentioned below are few home remedies that will help you seek relief from heat rashes:

• Watermelon pulp is very effective in treating heat rash. Refrigerate the pulp to make sure it is nice and cold, and then rub it on the parts of your body where the rash is occurring to cool off your skin.

• Take little cornstarch and mix it with enough water to make a paste is a reliable method for treating heat rash. Combine it with enough water to make a paste and put it on the area where your rash has broken out and keep it on long enough to allow it to dry. Soak a towel in cold water and then wipe the cornstarch paste from your body.

• Applying honey also helps to calm and cool the irritated skin. Honey replenishes the natural elements misplaced during sun exposure.

• Apply aloe Vera gel on prickly heat to get relief from itching as well as to heal them. It contains excellent healing properties and will provide a cooling effect.


• Apply a paste of gramflour or besan mixed with water over the heat rashes. Gently rub the paste and leave for about five minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

• Drink four glasses of lime juice daily to help get rid of your heat rash. As a matter of fact, this may be a good practice to do during hot months, to prevent heat rash from occurring at all.

• Add few teaspoons of baking soda when you take bath, soda bicarbonate reduces irritation and softens the skin and relives you from itchy sensation.

• Apply non-perfumed or herbal talcum powder on your skin about three to four times a day. The powder will help keep the body, sweat and moisture free.

• Placing an ice pack on the affected area is a good idea when you suffer from heat rash. Apply ice for not more than ten minutes in one go, however you can reapply it every three to four hours.


• Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight clothing during times of hot weather.

• If you have developed blisters due to a severe heat rash, do not bandage or cover them. Instead, expose the rash as often as you can to fresh air. This helps the skin to heal more quickly.

The heat rash should clear up with home remedies within 1 week. If at the end of one week you still have an itchy heat rash, it could be the sign of an infection and you should seek the advice of a physician.

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