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I am Anupama and am 22yrs old. I never had any problem with my skin since i was born (and m very proud of that). I have normal skin with wheatish and a very clear complexion. But recently i am having a pimple on my pout. Please help me with a home-made remedy to cure it asap.

Also i have a very sensitive eye, which means no eye shadow, no mascara, no kajal and I cant even try any of rati di’s mrunmayee or jinal’s eye tutorial. Pls help me choosing atleast a good pencil eye-liner and kajal.

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10 thoughts on “Home Remedy for Pimple on Lip : Ask IMBB

  1. Found this on net :

    Crush one aspirin and mix just a bit of water with it to make a paste like substance which will dry your pimples.

    Apply the paste to the pimple, and let it sit for a couple minutes before washing off with soap and water.

    May you have a happy pout soon. :-*

  2. yeah Rati not available everywhere but you mite get it at stores which get imported cosmetics,not all of that..but few…like i saw almay in a shop in bandra few months back…i buy my stock when I travel 😛

  3. MAC has eye pencils that are opthamologist tested for sensitive eyes and just to make sure you can try them at the store, and come back in a day to purchase them if they work or ditch them forever if they dont without having burnt your pocket 😛

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