Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall: DIY

Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall: DIY


Today I am going to share an awesome hair pack that really works!!! After I came to Bahrain,I had been facing severe hairfall due to change in weather and water conditions.My pillow covers and the comb showed that I need to take some immediate action.My hubby was facing the hairfall issue too.I used the regular curry leaf +yogurt pack and it was not showing any quick results.And,I don’t like to use the methi+yogurt pack as it is very difficult to take off the pack.

Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall: DIY

One fine day,I used this pack and took shampoo bath.I plaited my hair and showed the comb to my hubby.The hairfall has drastically reduced,as I used to face heavy hairfall after washing my hair.He asked what I had used and I told him.The next time while I was preparing the pack,he asked me to do it for him also 😛

Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall DIY (2)

This pack contains all potent stuff,so there is no chances of not working out on your hair. It is very easy to remove and smells good.The banana pack is difficult to remove and the egg pack smells bad,so I have my own reasons for not following a hair pack consistently 😛 But,I feel this pack is perfect and I have been following it for a month and I am extremely satisfied

Ok,now let me tell you how I make this pack :

Ingredients required:

1. 1/2 cup yogurt(preferably thick and full fat)
2. 2 tablespoons of methi
3. Bunch of curry leaves
4. 2 Amla

All these ingredients works magic for our hair.Yogurt and methi condition hair while curry leaves help in hairfall issues and amla helps in growth of hair.


1.Take a cup and soak all the ingredients in yogurt and put in the refrigerator overnight.
2.Grind it in the mixie without adding water.
Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall DIY (3)
3.If you want to adjust the consistency,add yogurt instead of water
4.Apply it on the scalp and all over the hair and allow it to dry for an hour or two.
5.Wash it off using a shampoo.

Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall DIY (4)

Done!! I do not apply conditioner when I use this pack.It makes hair so soft that you will not be needing it.Even my hubby feels his hair got soft when this pack was used.

Results that I got from this pack :

1.Reduces Hairfall
2.Makes hair soft and gives it a natural shine
3.My hubby had severe dandruff,especially near the ear.No anti-dandruff shampoo or hair pack was working and I was afraid it might be some scalp disease.I added lemon juice once to this pack,but still it gave no results.I added one big tablespoon of vinegar to this pack the next time and viola ! After washing the hair,all the white flakes near the ear had gone completely!! I seriously have no words to express how it feels.Because that was a serious condition and I was pestering him to go to a doc.

Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall DIY (5)


1. I always use thick yogurt and don’t add water to this pack as I don’t like the pack to be dripping to the face 😛
2. You can adjust the quantity of the ingredients as per your requirement.If you feel the pack difficult to remove,reduce the quantity of methi.
3. I use the vatika olive enriched hair oil before applying and wash off using Tresemme hair fall defense shampoo after using this pack .

It is very easy peasy.I suggest all gals to try this pack religiously for a month and see the results for yourself!!There will be at least one thing that will make you happy with this pack.

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27 thoughts on “Homemade Amla Pack for Hair Fall: DIY

  1. dats a really easy peesy DIY *thankyou* …one query, u said apply hair oil before? the pack needs to be applied on dry hair or after oiling?

  2. This is amazing mainly with amla *happy dance* *happy dance* i am sooo gonna tell mom to get amla today *happydance* this will work great *pompom* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  3. Hi Soundarya … nice name 🙂
    I am too suffering from hairfall problem badly for a long time now … *waaa* This sounds easy for sure and will surely try… *happydance* *happy dance*
    Thanks for sharing *puchhi*

  4. Hi,

    I am facing hair Fall in huge amount these days,
    and i am big fan of your blog, i used your the care remedies for face and it results best.
    please suggest me the home remedies for hair fall. i decide to use your Coconut, Olive and Castor oil mixture. and this Methi, amala and yogurt pack. i am using Loreal Total Repair Shampoo. Please suggest me is this Right Option To Reduce Hair fall. Please Reply…



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