Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant Skin

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With Monday being a holiday on account of Ganesh chaturti and Teacher’s day, this weekend is going to be a long weekend and here’s wishing everyone a happy Sunday! This long weekend calls for some aromatic dark chocolate skin pampering. So, I thought, why not? Let me share a dark chocolate facial mask recipe, which I’ve prepared this morning to pamper and nourish my skin.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant Skin

Ingredients Needed:

  • Dark chocolate – 4 pieces.
  • Fresh Cream – 1tsp
  • Honey -1tsp
  • Egg white -1tsp
  • A sauce pan.
  • A mixing bowl.
  • Face mask brush – optional.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant Skin ingredinets needed

Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant Skin second set of ingredients

Step 1:  Switch on the gas stove and place around 4 pieces of dark chocolate in a saucepan on low flame. Make sure the flame of the gas stove is low, otherwise the chocolate could burn. While I was doing this, my kitchen wall was full of chocolate aroma and I could smell the exotic chocolate aroma in my house for a long time.

Step 2: While the chocolate is getting melted, add 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and stir continuously to avoid formation of lumps. Keep stirring until the chocolate completely dissolve and mixes with the cream.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant Skin step 2

Step 3: Take 1 tsp of the cooked dark chocolate and cream mixture and drop it into a small mixing bowl. I chose some fresh cream form my full cream milk (top layer of milk) as I find it to be a little greasy and a good moisturizer for my skin.

Step 4: Add 1 tsp of egg white and 1 tsp of honey into the mixture.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant skin step 3

Step 5: Stir everything well with the help of a spoon until all the ingredients dissolve completely and form a thick paste and you dark chocolate luxurious mask is ready to apply.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Facial Mask For Radiant Skin swatches

My Experience and Benefits of Dark Chocolate Mask:
Before you move on to apply the mask, make sure your skin is clean and dry. You can apply the mixture with the help of a face mask brush or your very own fingertips depending on your preference. As this mask contains egg white, it’s going to be a little slippery and runny, but the benefits are gonna bowl you over. Apply it all over the face leaving the eye area and wait for around 20 minutes till the mask dries completely. Enjoy the rest of the leftover dark chocolate while you wait for the mask to dry. This mask is super light. Wash off the mask after it dries with warm water and pat dry.

Results: Your skin would feel smooth and supple. It gives your skin glow and brightens up the skin making it look fresh and lively.


  • Dark Chocolate: It contains antioxidants, which makes skin smooth and supple. It is also a reason for your glowing and radiant looking skin.
  • Egg white: It tightens the skin and smoothens wrinkles.
  • Cream: Deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin.
  • Honey: It is full of anti oxidants, antibacterial properties, and prevents acne. It makes the skin glow and smooth as well.

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