Homemade Grape Seed Facial Scrub

Homemade Grape Seed Facial Scrub

Hello Beauties,

Today, I am going to share a facial scrub recipe with you all. To make this you need to have grape seeds, yes the same grape seeds which you throw after eating the grapes. We all know how good grape seed extracts and oil are for skin, so get ready to indulge your skin with this super easy facial scrub.

Here are the ingredients you will need to make this scrub:

Homemade Grape Seed Facial Scrub

  • 1 handful of crushed grape seeds.
  • 3 spoons of almond oil.
  • 50-60 drops or a spoonful of essential oil of your choice (I have used rose oil).

To get the crushed grape seeds, wash the grape seeds and keep them for drying for a few hours. Once dried, use the “imam dasta” (mortar and pestle) and crush the seeds.

Grape Seeds

You won’t get a very fine power, but that is okay. Keep this in some glass or plastic bowl, or in the same jar where you want to store the scrub.

Grape Seeds 2

Then add 3 spoonfuls of almond oil in it. I used sweet almond oil from Patanjali Yoga.  You can use some other lightweight oil which works well for your skin.

Grape Seeds 3

Then, add a spoonful of essential oil. You can use lavender oil to make it relaxing or lemon grass or orange oil to make it refreshing. I have used rose essential oil from Aroma Magic.  I used this oil because that was available with me and rose oil has antiseptic and astringent properties, which tones and lifts skin, and it smells great.

Essential Oil

Now, mix all the ingredients with help of a spoon, and your soothing and refreshing grape seed facial scrub is ready.  You can store it for a week or so without refrigerating. The seeds may sit at the bottom of the jar, which is quite normal as this one is an oil-based scrub, so mix it well every time before using.

Grape Seeds 5

It works very well on skin, crushed grape seeds gently scrub the skin and the oils help you to give a nice massage to your face.

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39 thoughts on “Homemade Grape Seed Facial Scrub

    1. It’s not anardana Rati, these are sees of the black or red grapes.
      Once u eat them, don’t throw the seeds, rather wash then and use for this scrub.
      Hope you will try this and like it 🙂

      1. hey sweta, nowadays most grapes are seedless. how i hate genetically modified food. but i will definitely look for non GMOd grapes and eat them to get at these seeds.

    1. lavender, lemongrass, peppermint…. And many more. Try on style craze online site…. They have many essential oils with good discounts. Try there fly URL 🙂

  1. Also an additional information if you people want to use home made things please go with organic products like tomato,potato,anything vegetables fruits etc
    and for oils go with virgin ones….
    i had got breakouts by using normal vegetables,fruits for my skin…because the pesticides may cause damage of our skin even after we wash it well….

    1. Just sharing an information here…. I read somewhere to remove the effect of pesticides from fruits and vegetables, before using them soak them in water for sometime. This reduces the effect of these harmful chemicals to a large extent…. As this chemicals get dissolved in water.

  2. you are right radha.organic is much imp if ur using it for ur skin.i get organic green tea and organic brown sugar from fabindia for my facial scrubs and now i think i woudl have to hunt a lot for pure organic essential oils

  3. had no idea you could make grapeseed oil at home.. heard that it works as great hair serum..but grapes always give me allergies.. tried once.. the pesticides i think…
    how much we wash them only about 5% of the chemicals will be removed…because these chemicals are ingrained within the produce from the time they form in a plant…
    nicely done sweta 🙂

  4. how come i don’t get any seeds in black grapes? 😮 🙁 i think what we get here are the parthenocarpic ones :-/

  5. And i bought grapes with seeds 2 weeks back! *headbang*
    Will go get them again kal and try this out. Thanks Sweta!

  6. Hi Shweta!

    Where did you get your grapeseeds from? Did u dessed the grapes, sundried n then stored them?
    ( I usually eat those seeds coz I love their taste :P)

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