Homemade Hair Packs for Dry Damaged Hair

hair packsHomemade Hair Packs for Dry, damaged, processed hair

Hi beauties!! Hope all of you had safe & nice Dewali. During the festive season most of us go through hectic schedule like going out with friends/relatives & have hardly any time to take care of hair & skin. Hence regular exposure to pollution, sunlight, chemicals, hot tools make our hair dry, damaged, brittle & lifeless. Regular shampoo & conditioners & occasional hair spa do help to an extent but there is nothing like home made herbal treatments. Today I am going to share with you two home made nourishing hair packs which if used religiously will not only make the hair soft, shiny, manageable but improve the hair texture.

I have rebonded hair & regular usage of these packs have not only saved my hair from post chemical processing effects but it has improved the hair type also.

Curd & Fenugreek Pack

This is one of the most effective home made hair packs I have used so far. To make this pack soak 50gms of fenugreek seeds in water for overnight. Grind the seeds next day with a little water & make a paste. Now add 4 table spoon curd (I use home made curd as it is free from any chemicals, you can also use Amul dahi) in the fenugreek paste, add honey & one tea spoon olive oil (you can skip oil in the pack by applying oil on your hair the previous night). Make a smooth paste & apply generously, every part of your hair & scalp must be covered with the pack. Wear a shower cap & do your daily chores. After 45 minutes wash your hair with water & rinse with a mild shampoo. You can apply conditioner if you want to. This pack will surely make your hair wonderful. Use this at least twice a week & if you are working like mine then once a week.

fenugreek seeds
fenugreek seeds

Egg & Banana Pack

This pack is actually a nourishing pack as it contains egg, banana & Vitamin E oil. To start with take 2 full ripe bananas & mash to a smooth paste. Take 2 eggs, beat them nicely & add one lemon juice (to avoid the egg odor). Mix all the ingredients together & now add two Vitamin E capsules (I use Evion capsules). Now apply the pack all over your hair & scalp. Wear a shower cap & this pack is a bit runny. Wait for 30 minutes & rinse hair followed by shampoo & conditioner (conditioner is optional). Your hair will be shiny, soft & healthy. Use it twice a week.

banana and eggs
banana and eggs

Please note the quantity of the ingredients may vary according to your hair length.

Hope these packs will help in restoring the health of your hair. Please do comment as it matters a lot for me.

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59 thoughts on “Homemade Hair Packs for Dry Damaged Hair

  1. This is an awesome post, thank you so much.
    I really love homemade beauty tips, they include so many informations and good suggestions.
    Thanks a lot :-* :-* :-*

  2. I think I will try the methi-dahi pack….I don’t like eggy smells…I know you have suggested adding lemon to the pack..but if the non-egg pack is just as good, I would be super happy :-))

  3. Debasree! I use the fenugreek & curd mask, it gives shine to the hair, but the fenugreek paste doesn’t come out easily when shampooing! :pain:

    1. Uzma,make the fenugreek paste must be very smooth.use lot of water while rinsing.You can also use fenugreek powder which is readily available in market

  4. I cannot use egg at home so I am going to try the 1st pack. I assume we can use 1tsp honey as olive oil. Thanks for the tips. I was trying to figure out some hair packs minus eggs and yours came in right on time !

    1. Vandana you can defy add honey as it makes hair shiny.You can also use beetroot/cucumber if you want to as these make hair healthy

  5. The first thing people notice about me is my thick long black hair and my mom gives all the credit to fenugreek curd pack which she used to apply to my hair once a week until i finished 12th. I bet this also helps fight hairfall. :yes:
    i used to soak the fenugreek seeds in curd early in the morning….grind in the evening, apply and wait for an hour, wash the hair with water( no shampoo), apply warm home made oil after hair dries. Shampoo next morning to find silky soft beautiful hair :-* :-* :-* . So far so good…but i hated the smell…. :pissedoff: its worth the long hair that dances on my hips… 😛 bad smell pays off 😀

  6. Thank you so much!! I am def gonna try the 1st pack 🙂 🙂

    Here’s a small tip for everyone who doesn’t use egg ‘coz of the smell. Add one tsp of coffee to the egg pack. It doesnt effect the effectiveness and hair won’t have any egg smell. I do this whenever I wanna use egg. :-)) :-))

  7. debashree awsome tips………….i m definitely going to try curd methi pack………….and veda has amplified my interest in this pack…………
    and meenal thx fr the cofee tip

  8. I tried d egg n banana pack ystrday n it hs made my hair so soft n shiny !! I didnt even hv 2 apply ny conditioner (which is otherwise a must for my xtremly dry n damaged hair caused by rebondin three (dat’s rite,three!! 😯 ) times………….thanks a lot for this lifesaver, debasree :-* :-* ………..nw cant wit 2 try d curd pack :-)) :-)) :-))

  9. Can any1 gives home tips for straight hair??? my hair is rough has split ends n dry.. 🙁 i want my hair to look straight, smooth n shiny.. girls help 🙁

  10. Hiii….I have so many problems with my hair…but I will try the methi-dahi pack this sunday…hope it will work…i have waves at the end of my hairs and i could not leave my hairs without a ribon..Its always be like very bushy….how could i get a silky,shiny long straight hair…..

  11. Hii all

    What i apply is a hair mask consisting of coconut milk + amla + curry leaf(often i add olive oil or Castor oil also)..believe me..my hair fall reduced considerably and as an added advantage, my hair became soft and silky also

  12. hii..wen i use fenugreek..i put d ground fenugreek through a strainer(the one we use 4 tea!!)..so u get a v.smooth paste dat easily gets washed and doesn’t get stuck in your hair!!! O:)

  13. Hi debashree
    i find these hair packs easy to make and will be trying them soon.
    I want to know which part of egg should be used in making the pack or can i use the entire egg.

  14. i tried new stuff …mixed vinegar+conditioner+lil olive oil … applied it for 5 min and then washed off hair… hair is so shiny….well i can skip olive oil ( as i have oily hair type…) … will try next time vinegar+conditioner.

  15. Hello,
    the methi _curd pack sounds very good….
    Can you all suggest me some good mild shampoos both herbal and otherwise for dry hair?
    With Best wishes

  16. after how many days of rebonding can we try the curd-fenugreek pack..? I got my hairs rebounded 15days back..can I use it now..?

  17. Girls, Just a small modification on the first one. this is an easier version of the same pack.
    Make fine powder of fenugreek and store it. you can soak this powder in curd overnight (even 2-3 hours will do) and apply it from root to tip… Trust me it works. made my hair so smooth and shiny like never before.
    The key is the combination of curd, fenugreek and thoroughly oiled hair (don’t forget to oil your hair overnight or at least before using this pack)

    1. Hello Ramya,

      Since you suggested we oil our hair either overnight or just a few hours before applying the pack, then we should we use a shampoo to wash our hair ?? or shampoo the next day? Do let me know please..

      1. hi kirti i also use this pack n i use a shampoo after using this mask.make a fine paste of methi seeds n strain it with help of a strainer .

        1. Hello Dolly,
          Thanks for your reply though I read it just now.
          Can you suggest a few good shampoos? Which ones do you prefer?

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