Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas

Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas

Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas

Have you ever tried your hand at preparing homemade hair rinses? It is easy to make hair rinses at home and that too with ingredients easily available in your kitchen basket.  It gives your hair a conditioning effect and hence you have every reason to try out a few hair rinses which you can formulate at home.  Keep reading the article to learn about some of the best known hair rinse recipes and ideas.

Why Make Homemade Hair Rinses?

    • You can make homemade hair rinse by following some simple steps.
    • Hair rinses impart a smooth and conditioning effect to your hair.
    • Since hair rinses are made from natural ingredients, it is good for your hair and you can easily do away with the harmful chemicals present in the conditioners available in the market.
    • It is less time consuming than most of the homemade natural hair conditioning packs.
    • You can enjoy the feeling of creativity as you can always mix and match ingredients to suit your hair type and beauty needs.

Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas

Easiest Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas/Ingredient List/Benefits:

Here are some of the most well-known and easy-to-make hair rinse recipe ideas as you just need to add the ingredients to water to prepare the rinses:


    • Apple cider vinegar hair rinse – Mix a spoon of apple cider vinegar with a small mug of distilled water. Use it as a final rinse to get rid of scalp build-up, prevent dandruff and itchy scalp problems and get smooth hair, naturally.


    • Lemon hair rinse – Mix the juice of half a lemon with a mug of water. Stir well and then use it as a final rinse. This rinse is helpful in treating oily and smelly scalp and at the same time, allows you to get soft hair.


    • Beer hair rinse – Whether you mix beer with water or use flat beer directly to rinse your hair, beer rinses are known to impart sheen to dull hair. It conditions hair wonderfully well.


    • Orange rinse – Squeeze out the juice of an orange and mix it with water. Use it as a hair rinse to bring out the highlights of your hair and combat greasy scalp at the same time.


  • Honey rinse – Add a spoon of honey to a mug of water and use it as a hair rinse for soft and moisturized hair.

Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas with Boiling Water/Ingredient List/Benefits:

Here are a few homemade hair rinse recipes for which you would need boiling water to be poured over the ingredients or alternately, boil the desired ingredients in water:


    • Rosemary leaves hair rinse – Boil rosemary leaves in water. Steep and filter. Let it cool. Use it as a hair rinse to tone your hair, bring out red and brown highlights, treat dandruff and impart shine.Neem
    • Neem hair rinse – Boil neem leaves in water and use the neem water after filtering. It helps to strengthen hair and prevent scalp infections.


    • Sage hair rinse – Pour some boiling water on sage leaves and let it cool. Filter it out. Use as a rinse to reduce oil build-up on scalp and get healthier hair.


  • Chamomile hair rinse – Pour a cup of boiling water on a spoon of chamomile flowers. Cool it and strain it. This hair rinse gives you silky hair while being therapeutic to your scalp.
  • Lemongrass hair rinse – Boil two spoons of lemongrass in a cup of water.  Steep for 15 minutes and then filter it. This hair wash is great for oily hair. If you want to use it for dry hair, add some vegetable glycerine or honey for moisturizing effect.

Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas – Tips:

  • You can add three or four drops of your favourite essential oil (like lavender or tea tree) to the rinses to make them more effective.
  • Use these rinses after shampooing your hair.
  • You can surely make these hair rinses as an alternative to your readymade conditioners as the rinses are free from harmful chemicals and are also easy on your pocket.

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33 thoughts on “Homemade Hair Rinse Ideas

  1. I can definetely vouch for ACV rinse. I have stored ACV mixture(1:8) in a spray bottle. I spritz it on freshly washed hair as a leave-in treatment. It adds incredible shine to my dry wavy hair 🙂

  2. Avanti..i have used honey, lemon, neem and ACV.. lov lemon the most. easiest to make and works well on my oily scalp and normal to dry hair..
    neem is great too bt smells horribly bad once u boil it in water. i usually try to use them fresh..dats y lemon and honey r the best options. 🙂
    shelf lif……umm…the boiled ones i think can be stored for abt 4…5 days in a refrigerator.

  3. hey somreeta,
    at the cost of sounding really ignorant n foolish,i have a question:
    how exactly is one supposed to use a hair rinse,i mean at what point,
    i)after shampooing,while hair is still wet
    ii)after shampooing,and towel drying
    iii)after shampooing+conditioning
    plz help

    1. hi Neha,…..dont feel like dat…its perfectly ok… i should have mentioned it in the article only. here’s the ans- its 1.
      precisely, apply shampoo. rinse with plain water. rinse with the ‘hair rinse’ of ur choice. wait for a few seconds. towel dry as usual. 🙂

  4. This is super helpful Somreeta, thanks for sharing! This is slightly funny but I learnt a trick recently from a friend, put a few drops of the yellow L*sterine mouthwash on a cotton pad and apply it to your scalp, keep it for a few mins and shampoo condition as usual. It really helps in controlling dandruff and keeping them at bay.

  5. I so look forward to your ‘homemade- recipes’! I have used lemon, honey, vinegar (not the ACV one, dont get it in Bhopal) even the Neem one..coz I boil neem leaves for my kiddo sometimes..use the remaining one 🙂 but the other ones are worth giving a try.. esp chamomile n sage. Keep Posting!

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