Homemade Natural Hair Oil For Thick Hair

Today, I will be sharing a homemade natural hair oil recipe that helps to strengthen the hair and regular use can give you thick hair. I suffer from hair fall, so I use this oil instead of plain coconut oil for added benefits. Let’s see how to make this:

Homemade Natural Hair Oil Ingredients:
1. Coconut Oil/Almond Oil.
2. Garlic Cloves
3. Onion
4. Tea Tree oil.

Homemade hair oil ingredients

Homemade Natural Hair Oil Method:
1. Chop the garlic in to small chunks. Use around 2 large cloves for one batch.
2. Take a quarter onion and chop them into pieces.
3. Now add the pieces into the oil and heat it up on the lowest flame setting possible.
4. If the heat is still too much, then using a pair of tongs, keep the vessel a bit higher than the flame so that way the oil won’t boil before time.

Step 1 of homemade hair oil for strong hair

5. Keep stirring until the onions get translucent.
6. Turn off the flame and keep the oil aside until it cools down completely.
7. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil and stir it well.
8. Strain the oil and now your oil is ready to be used.

Step 2 of homemade hair oil

How To Use:
1. Use it like your normal hair oil. Make small batches so that it will last a maximum of a week.
2. Keep the hair oil for a minimum of an hour and maximum overnight.
3. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Homemade Natural Hair Oil Benefits:
1. Garlic is very good for hair re-growth. It decreases hair fall to a great extent and helps to remove toxins from the scalp. When massaged onto the scalp, the allicin in garlic helps increase blood circulation which in turn stimulates hair growth. It also keeps dandruff at bay.
2. Tea tree oil prevents dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp.
3. Onion is known for working wonders on the hair. It promotes hair growth and stops hair fall. Two of the things that all girls look for in a hair related product. It also helps the hair to grow faster.

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