Homemade Orange Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Homemade Orange Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Hi girls,


Hope you all are in the pink of your health and enjoying this beautiful spring season.  Today morning, I had orange marmalade and orange sandwich…oops veg sandwich in my breakfast. Why I am typing orange again and again here, do you know? It is because orange is my favourite fruit and this season we have the best of oranges in our town – sweet, tangy and tasty. Everywhere in the market, I can see fruit walas selling all types of oranges. Every single time that I go to the market for shopping, I don’t forget to pick a packet of oranges to quench my love for this favourite fruit of mine. So, by now you must have understood that today’s post is about how to make an effective face mask for oily skin using this wonder fruit.  Women have been using orange since ages to pamper their skin and it is one of the secrets behind flawless skin for many women, who not only consume it on a regular basis, but also apply it in various forms like pulp, juice and even in the dry peel powder form on their skin.  Orange is a fruit that has the goodness of ascorbic acid that provides wonderful solutions to a lot of skin concerns like blackheads, blemishes and excess sebum. Fresh fruits and flowers are the best offerings of Mother Nature to us; oranges are so easily available nowadays, so why not get the best out of this fruit? Let’s quickly make a fantastic and easy face mask and pamper our skin. So now, without wasting much time, let’s proceed and prepare such a face mask for oily skin.

Ingredients Needed To Make This Mask:

    • 2 teaspoons of orange juice.


  • 5-6 drops of lime juice.
  • 3-4 drops of honey.
  • 1 teaspoon of rice flour.





1. First of all, squeeze 2-3 carpels of oranges to get fresh juice, take 2 teaspoons of this juice in a bowl.


2.  Add 5-6 drops of lemon juice into it.

3. Then, add 3-4 drops of honey into the mixture and mix well.


4. Finally, add 1 tbsp of rice flour and mix thoroughly to get a cream-like consistency.


5. Apply this paste liberally on your face and neck leaving under eye area and lips.


6. Leave this pack on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off in light circular motions using hands.


7. Pat your face dry.  Use regularly to get glowing skin.

Benefits of this face pack:

1. As already mentioned, orange juice is rich in ascorbic acid content and deep cleanses the skin thoroughly. It lightens existing acne spot and blemishes. Orange juice also brightens complexion and keeps in check excessive oil secretion.

2. Lemon juice is power packed with all the goodness of vitamin C and is very good for oily skin. It clears blackheads and whiteheads and also prevents new breakouts. It clears existing acne as well and lightens complexion over a period of time with regular use.

3. Honey is a natural moisturiser which helps in keeping skin soft and supple.  I always use 2-3 drops of natural moisturiser in face packs to keep the contents well balanced so that the mask does not strip the natural moisture and hydration from my skin.  Using honey with other ingredients in this face mask ensures that this mask clears only excess oil from the skin and not the moisture content of the skin.

4. Rice flour is a wonder ingredient when it comes to tan removal. Applying rice flour on the skin will help you in getting rid of stubborn age spots and tan and it also lightens complexion with regular use.

Power-packed with all the goodness of these wonderful ingredients, this face mask will make the skin glow and remove tan from oily skin.  Over a period of time, you will definitely notice an overall improvement in your skin texture, spots on your skin will be lightened and you will experience a new glow and shine in your skin.  So girls, next time when you enjoy tangy oranges, don’t forget to feed your skin with all the beauty benefits of this super tasty fruit. That’s it for today, until next time, take care and stay tuned to IMBB.

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11 thoughts on “Homemade Orange Face Pack For Glowing Skin

  1. I have ol the ingriedients very much handy ….. Nd oranges ka tou poora box pada huwa h *happy dance* *happy dance*
    will surely try dis tomarow ….aaj i have to prepare my chandan pack…. Kal pakka isko try karoongi

    waise me tooo love eating oranges a lot
    bdw i have a question … Can a girl eat tangy oranges during her periods …. I mean vitt c contented eatables

    1. yes u can eat oranges at period times, no problem at all, vit-c is one of the boon for girls/ladies u can even take vit-c supplement whole life, no need of even stopping at the time of pregnancy also, my day starts with 1 cup of orange juice i love it

  2. I tried it yesternight …… The results were amazing …… My face was truely glowy glowy ……. I used the rice powder wnich i have grinded myself…. It has a bit of gritty structure which gave a wonderfull scrubbing xperience ….. Totaly in love with the results….. *Thankyou* *thankyou*


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