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Supriya Asks:

I read homemade hair pack by Debasree which was very useful.I am going to try fenugreek seeds and dahi pack but i fear that because of curd my hair will turn white i don’t know if it is true or not i have a serious hairfall. Don’t know because of 12 hsc tension which i didn’t take or change in water supply in my locality.I visited a doctor but i don’t think the medication is working.I would love to apply this pack to my dry frizzy thin hair please help me and also which other things like honey cucumber or anything easily available ingredients to apply or to put in that pack.

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  1. Soak fenugreek and make a paste of it and add lemon in it, it will dramatically decrease your hairfall alongwith dandruff, Drink lots of water and fresh vegetables and fruits and also have pomegranate as it contains iron and other all essential things.Massage your scalp regularly with oil,drink lukewarm water whenever you can !

      1. Thnks a lt Nw i have aplied fenugreek seeds soaked overnight. Cureently it feels so cool . :yahoo: really…jst trying put the the pack Hope it helps but will next use the fenugreek n lemon Thank you for tips O:)

  2. i have shifted to the body shop earth lovers shampoos. They have really helped me. these shampoos are paraben, sulphar free so they are kinda working well for my hair. 🙂

        1. ask me ask me abt TBS :whistle: . i love their stuff. have lots of TBS stuff. bought their Rainforest shampoo recently and love it. i do use it with the Loreal coloured hair conditioner (the one sold in the salon)

      1. i i dunt noe how bt i changed my username to sups8888 how do i change it again to supriya or anything else ?:)

  3. Mix fenugreek powder to coconut oil or simply water and apply this on the scalp..wait for 30mins and then wash off..you can also add lemon but lemon tends to dry hair..

    1. :heart: Thnx i have currently applied only fenugreek seeds bt will try the lemon also next time but lemon is a bleaching agent na so i m tensed to use it no more experiments with hair nw :tremble: :shutmouth:

  4. dear supriya, relax, the more u get tensed the more u lose hair. so do some breathing exercises, distract your self when you find your self getting tensed.

    some home remedies are..

    apply some castor oil on your hair daily, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to castor oil for best results. if you have time on your hands, mix olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil in 1:1:2 and add 4-5 drops of eucalyptus oil. use this to massage your scalp.

    curd does not make ur hair white, it is difficult to wash off and smelly. but has no such side effects. mix curd , fenugreek paste and some henna if you find the smell overpowering. this is a great conditioner.

    another very simple , but stinky tip is , on patches where you have lost a lot of hair, apply some onion juice. for this , grate half an onion and squeeze the juice. this should be done daily.

    most of all relax.. we all have hair fall cycles and stress just makes them worse. try home remedies. have a good time.. live it up..

    btw my name is supriya too..

    1. Hey THNKXXXXXXX a lt.i will use mix curd , fenugreek paste and some henna waala pack……thnks a lt….n yup need to realx a bit :waytogo:

  5. I went thru this phase many times. Trust me ur situaton will improve

    1.Relax and sleep well. U wud have lost hair due to stress.
    2.I actually used a oil called KPN Neelbringhadhi hair oil. This really improved my hair condition
    3.Use a gud shampoo like Pantene, Garnier Fructis etc
    4.This is the most important pt. Eat well…u shud consume iron, protein and zinc..All these 3 are important for hair.
    5.Fenugreek with curd is just awesome for hair..Just use it without any doubts

    1. Sudha, couldn’t have given better advices 🙂

      I would like to add one more- exercise daily 🙂 It keeps your hormones regulated and many a times hairfall is because of hormonal imbalances.

    2. O:) will pakka follow.i nevr comprimise wid my sleep.I m a KUMBHAKARN bt female version :toothygrin: Also it is said ke we should eat vitamin e tablets is it good to consume daily for good hair :struggle:

  6. Hey Rati…Can u tell me which TBS Rain Forest Shampoo do u use? Shine or Moisture? The Shine Shampoo n Conditioner didn’t suit me one bit!!

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