Homemade Shimmer Lotion

I love to flaunt my legs throughout the year till the temperature goes below 10°C. To brazenly flaunt shorts, I pay a little extra attention to how my legs appear. For example, my legs always need to be free of hair, scars or razor burns and of mosquito bites. Apart from this, my legs, at all cost, must have shiny skin.

Homemade Shimmer Lotion

But, all the above mentioned points require major upkeep. The toughest of all is to get those shiny, smooth celeb like legs. One can buy those expensive body bronzers or shimmer lotions available in the market or concoct their own shimmer lotion at home for a dirt cheap price!


Homemade Shimmer Lotion

• An old eyeshadow, blush or bronzer with gold or silver pigment
Look for products that contain Mica because Mica imparts that beautiful glitter. If anyone has access to Mica pigments, go for it! I used Lakme Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer for this project.

• Body lotion with runny consistency (avoid body butter). I used Bath and Body Works Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss Body Lotion

Homemade Shimmer Lotion

• Spoon

• Clean plastic sheet (zip lock bags are perfect)


Step 1
Wash and dry out the zip lock bag. Make sure it is moisture free before you start working.

Step 2
Homemade Shimmer Lotion

With a clean, dry spoon gently scrape out the product, little by little, on to the dry zip lock bag.

Step 3
Homemade Shimmer Lotion

Gently scoop up the loose pigments with a spoon or a rolled up kitchen towel scoop in my case and transfer them to the bottle.

Step 4
Close the bottle cap firmly and vigorously shake the bottle.

Homemade Shimmer Lotion

Step 5
Sample some lotion to check the density of pigments. You may notice that gradually the lotion changes its color as we keep adding shimmer particles to it.

Homemade Shimmer Lotion

Step 6
Repeat step 3-5 until your lotion starts to impart sheen of your desired level.

Final Product:

Homemade Shimmer Lotion


Homemade Shimmer Lotion

Homemade Shimmer Lotion

• One can use a runny sunscreen lotion for this project. This way, your two purposes will be fulfilled. If your lotion does not contain SPF, you won’t have to use sunscreen separately.
• If you still prefer to use a body lotion without an SPF, don’t forget to use sunscreen.
• Make sure the lotion gets absorbed by the skin before you dress up.

Your skin will shine beautifully wherever light hits the surface. Do try this lotion and let me know how it impressed you pretty ladies. 🙂

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  1. I used to dance Latin American Ballroom and for our Championships everyone would be fake tanning where I would just do exactly this!! It works like a charm and made my legs look brilliant in the harsh lights 🙂

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