Homemade Summer Tan Fighting Facials

Hey girls!

How are you guys doing? Well, here in Mumbai we are all dying of heat and humidity. 🙁 Recently, I had to go for a few meetings back to back that made me travel a lot in the sun. My skin is very sensitive to sun and immediately I noticed my skin turning dark on day three! I was terrified since I have a few weddings to attend soon. But, thanks to our kitchen and the two wonderful recipes that I’m going to share, my tan is gone for good!

Facial for tan

So, stopping the blabber, let’s start with the recipes!

• 2 tsp Curd
• 2 tsp Almond Powder
• 2 tsp Green Gram
• 1 tsp Turmeric

Homemade Summer Tan Fighting Facials Ingredients

• Mix all the above ingredients together to form a paste.
• Now, apply the paste on your face and wash it when it is semi-dry.
• This will show great results when used daily for at least 10 days.

Here’s the second recipe that will beat the summer tan!

• 4 Almonds
• 3 tsp Red Lentils (masoor dal)
• ¼ cup Buttermilk

Homemade Summer Tan Fighting Facials Ingredients

• Soak the almonds and red lentils in buttermilk for 3 hours.
• Grind the above mixture to form a paste.
• Apply evenly across the face and neck.
• Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with buttermilk.
• Lastly, a splash of regular water and voila check your skin!

Benefits Of Each Of These Ingredients:


Homemade Summer Tan Fighting Facials Curd

• Curd is very rich in lactic acid and probiotics.
• It helps to lightly exfoliate the skin. Hence, helps in removing tan and revealing fresher looking skin.
• Also, works great for skin pigmentation.


Homemade Summer Tan Fighting Facials Almonds

• Blessed with proteins, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids.
• Almonds nourish the skin and brighten our face.
• Also works great for oily as well as dry skin.

Green Gram:
• Green gram lentils are loaded with Vitamin B and C.
• It is a great substitute to facial scrubs as it scrubs off the dirt and dead skin very effectively.
• Great for acne prone skin.


Homemade Summer Tan Fighting Facials Turmeric

• Needless to say, it is wonderful!
• Turmeric is the best anti-bacterial in natural form.
• It also helps lighten the skin tone.

Red Lentils:
• High in iron and potassium, red lentils work great as a scrub.
• They slough the dead skin cells and revitalize the body and face.
• It also works great on blackheads.

These recipe, when used religiously every day (better if used twice a day) for at least 10-15 days, will show you wonderful results. It’s a guarantee, it will work! Depending on your skin type, it might take a few more or less days. These are two of the best best to remove that stubborn skin tan and also, they enhance your skin tone.

It worked great on my skin and body. In fact, I think I’ll keep alternating between these recipes thrice a week at least, as prevention. 🙂

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