Homemade Treatment To Clear Whiteheads

Homemade Treatment To Clear Whiteheads

Hola every beautiful lady!

Today’s DIY is about an effective homemade remedy to clear and control whiteheads, especially on the t-zone area. I have an oily-combination skin with real active oil glands in the t-zone which causes a lot of whiteheads.  Even if I remove them daily, they are back the next morning.  They are such stubborn and pale whiteheads that make my nose look ugly in particular :D. After being disappointed by the daily gentle scrubs that claim to be effective for black/whiteheads, I moved on to home remedies and this is one successful DIY I intend to share with my IMBB family today. It is simple, effective and right from your kitchen cabinets. Let’s prepare it:

Things you will need:

Homemade Treatment To Clear Whiteheads

  • Two heaped tablespoons of oats.
  • One table spoon of whipped yogurt.
  • One table spoon honey.
  • One tea spoon lemon juice.
  • Rose water.
  • Mixing bowl and measuring spoon.


First of all, finely grind the oats so that the mask would feel comfortable on your skin. Because it is summer, I prefer to pre-cold honey, lemon juice, yogurt and rose water.

Step 1: Squeeze out the lemon juice into the oats.

Step 2: Add yogurt and honey.

Homemade Treatment To Clear Whiteheads

Step 3: Mix well and analyse the consistency.

Homemade Treatment To Clear Whiteheads

Step 4:  If the consistency is too thick for your comfort, add rose water as required. If the consistency is ideal, you can skip the rose water too. Mix well and you are done!

Homemade Treatment To Clear Whiteheads

Directions For Use:

Apply the mask on the entire face or the required areas (t-zone and chin) with whiteheads. Cover the skin and lie down preferably with cucumber slices on eyes and relax for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the upper layer of mask will be dry, so moisten your hands with water and gently scrub it away in circular motions. Concentrate on the areas with whiteheads especially.  After scrubbing for around 5 minutes, wash with cold water and try to squeeze out white heads with light hands without hurting your skin. You can apply an oil-free light moisturizer later on.


This mask-cum-scrub will show results after 3-4 applications. I prefer to use it before going to bed because then I wake up with clearer and fresh skin. After using it for a couple of times, I can visibly see my skin clear, my pores clean and my t-zone with reduced whiteheads.  My skin looks younger than it used to look. I simply love this mask and no one related to beauty will be unaware of the benefits of lemon, yogurt, honey and oats for the skin. Give it a try!

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  1. hello Sumera, I love everything homemade. Though I don’t have whiteheads but I certainly will suggest this recipe to my other friends.
    I am a new blogger with lots to share. Do visit me at beautyundersun.wordpress.com.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have all these ingredients at home.. *happy dance* weekend activity. i know this sounds silly but I get a big kick out of squeezing the whiteheads.. *hihi* *hihi*

    1. *thankyou* so much for the encouragement Aru…i also get the same so it is silly on my part tooo… rofl rofl

    1. aww so sweet princey. *thankyou* yes go ahead and indulge in DIY’s on weekend and waiting for the next OOTD dhamaka … 😀

  3. Wow m really looking for this….so much frustrated by this whiteheads on my chin….thanks…I wanna ask u something….is there any replacement of oats??

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