4 Homemade Ubtan Recipes with Natural Ingredients

It’s a perfect time to try homemade treatments to bring glow and shine back to your skin. While a lot of people of people try readymade face masks, nothing can beat the glow a homemade ubtan can bring to your skin. Women prefer applying ubtan because the natural ingredients cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin, all at the same time. In this post, we list down 6 homemade ubtan recipes that you can make with natural ingredients that would be easily available at home.

Different Ways to Make Ubtan:

1. Mixed with rose water : Take cold rose water, mix it in ubtan and wash your face with it. This has the goodness of rose water along with providing exfoliation. It’s better than mixing with plain old water.
2. Mixed with milk/yogurt : People with dry skin can use ubtan with milk / raw milk, but if you have oily skin, you can mix it with yogurt too, it works as an instant skin brightener .
3. As a face pack : Mix it with of the natural ingredients – cucumber juice /watermelon juice/ tomato juice/ aloe vera juice/ milk/ yogurt/ rose water/ lemon juice (not if you have sensitive skin)…whatever works best for your skin and use it as a pack. Leave it for a few minutes. Then wet the pack with water and gently rinse it off while scrubbing away the dead skin cells.
4. With Cleansing Oil: Mix ubtan with a bit of cleansing oil and scrub it on your face. The cleansing oil would give a lovely emollient base, would work as a cleanser and of course you have your scrub. This would leave your skin fresh, clean and glowing.
5. As a tan removal : Mix your ubtan with lemon + yogurt and scrub away the tan.

1. Besan and Milk Ubtan for Summers:

To make this ubtan, take 8 tablespoons of besan – this will make enough ubtan for a week. Take 3 big lemons extract the juice from them to make a paste-like consistency with besan. Now, take one cup of milk and pour in to make a thick paste. You can put more milk if you think that your ubtan is too thick. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix well. Take this ubtan apply it all over your skin before applying any water on it. Keep for 10 minutes and massage well before rinsing.

2. Priyanka Chopra’s Ubtan Recipe:

Yes, Priyanka Chopra also uses home treatments for that radiant glow. She has made this ubtan recipe hugely popular. Let’s see how to make it. To make this ubtan, you would need 2 tablespoons of whole wheat flour, a pinch of turmeric, a few drops of lime juice, 1 tablespoon full-fat yoghurt, Rose water. These are the 5 ingredients you will need to make this ubtan. Mix everything well into a batter-like consistency and apply all over the face and neck area and rinse well.

3. Ambi Haldi/Oats/Orange Peel Powder Ubtan:

To make this ubtan, mix 2 big tablespoons of plain oats in powdered form, 1 tsp of turmeric (haldi), 1 big tbsp of Kasturi Manjal (Amba Haldi powder), 1 tsp of orange peel powder. Mix everything well with either curd or milk or rose water and apply all over the face and neck area and rinse off after 10 minutes for glowing skin.

4. Sandalwood and Moong Dal Ubtan:

To make this ubtan, mix 1 tbsp of Black Lentil (Black Urad Dal), 1 tbsp of Green Lentil (Green Moong Dal), half tsp of white sandalwood Powder, ½ tsp of Red Sandalwood Powder, pinch of Turmeric, and rose water as needed to make it to a thick consistency paste. Apply on the face and rinse off after 10 minutes to remove tan.


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