Homemade Undereye Treatment – Do It Yourself

Homemade Undereye Treatment – Do It Yourself

Hello Girls,

How is everyone doing? I got a little busy with my work-related trainings and was badly waiting for the weekend and now I am enjoying my week off and decided to write a useful DIY for all the loved ones here.

Under eye dark circles is common among young women today, do you know why? Lack of sleep, hereditary reasons, lack of balanced diet, and premature ageing.  So, here I present a DIY for under eye treatment. This has been tried and tested by my mom.

Ingredients Required:

Homemade Undereye Treatment Do It Yourself

  • Milk cream – a little amount.
  • A pinch of wild turmeric (kasturi haldi).
  • One spoon of besan powder.
  • A few drops of olive oil or almond oil.

How To Prepare:

Take fresh malai and mix the kasthuri haldi to it.  Mix the contents and add drops of olive oil or almond oil and there you go!

Turmeric and Milk Cream



Besan Haldi Face Pack

Turmeric Face Pack

Apply it all around your eyes.  Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash your face with chick pea flour (besan powder).  Avoid using face wash or soap while you use this pack.  You would start noticing reduction of dark circles in 5 days – 1 week.  You may also use it as a face pack for a healthy glow.  I have seen women spending a lot on undereye treatment and creams.  This is a very effective treatment with natural and easily available kitchen ingredients, and yeah, not a single penny spent!!

Take care girls 🙂

Homemade Undereye Treatment – Do It Yourself
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40 thoughts on “Homemade Undereye Treatment – Do It Yourself

  1. Hey this sounds super easy…infact I have been applying the besan turmeric malai n lemon juice face pack n it works wonders for my face never thought could use it for under eyes as well!

  2. Nice DIY, but I’m allergic to haldi. Can you suggest an alternative? I have the WORST dark circles ever. Hardly sleep five hours every night. 🙁

        1. @abinaya: try dabbing raw potato juice on your dark circles.. wash off when dry.. you will notice diffrnce withing two weeks 🙂 but ya, increase the sleep babes, nothing will work if u sleep that less 🙁

  3. Thanks a ton:) I have a doubt….should we mix besan also with the pack or should it be used just to wash after applying the pack?

  4. Sounds good and I will definitely try it, but I have one concern- wouldn’t this mask be too drying for under eye area leading to premature wrinkles? I use this mask on the face though!

      1. My mom tells me to quit face wash and use only besan to cleanse face. I heard it gives satin smooth skin. A friend of mine does that and she actually has superb skin. But I have oily acne-prone skin, would it be wise to opt for only besan?

        1. Tarannum, only besan works well…I have used it. Carrying around is the only problem. And masoor dal flour also good, if you can lay your hands on it!

  5. Rama i hav used milk cream turmeric besan pack for n it gives nice glow to my skin, bt i use normal haldi powder…can u tell me whr to find this kasturi haldi n hows dis more beneficial den normal one?
    Also srry to ask silly me bt i didnt get how to wash off this pack with besan?? :-

    1. Shruti, normal haldi is something thats used in cooking.Kasthiuri haldi will be available in ayurvedic stores..and this doesn’t cause any irritation to skin..and besan can be used to face the face itself..not jus the eye part..
      jus to avoid chemicals..

      1. actually it is true to some extent. besan absorbs excess oil of skin if kept for long. besan should be remved before it gets dried around the eye area. It wont cause wrinkles then.

      2. Yea.. even on the facial skin it can..After the besan has dried, it has absorbed all the extra oil,so when we scrub the dried besan we tend to damage our skin. So before we scrub,we should always wet our palms and then scrub else we can splash few drops of water on the face and then scrub.
        Bottom Line..Try to avoid using near/on the eye area as much as possible. In this pack you could replace besan with maida. That would give a softer feel I’m sure 🙂

  6. Rama, I know you’ve already answered how to wash it off with besan but am still a bit confused. How do you wash off with besan powder? Do you mix the powder with water to wash it off ?

  7. Hello there, can u suggest me some over the counter cream for dark circles. Actually m a security force officer and my job simply dnt allow me to try these great DIYs. So some readymade formula will be good for me. And yeah I
    have sleep crunch because the nature of job is like 24*7 but I take healthy food.

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