Homeopathy Treatment For PCOS

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This post is going to be about some homeopathic remedies available for PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS (also known as PCOD) is a very common lifestyle-related hormonal disorder that women in the reproductive age (18-45 years of age) are plagued with. PCOS is seen to be more common in women who are overweight or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat a lot of unhealthy food. It is also closely linked to type-2 diabetes. While your chances of developing PCOS seem to increase if someone in your family has been diagnosed with it, but the exact cause of this syndrome remains undetermined.

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There are many symptoms of PCOS. Essentially, when your ovaries are seen to have multiple cysts, you are diagnosed with PCOS. From painful and irregular menstrual cycles to complications related to fertility, PCOS can have multiple symptoms associated with the reproductive health of women. Another commonly occurring symptom of PCOS is related to the hormonal imbalance that gives rise to increase in facial hair and acne (on the face, shoulders, back, etc.)

While weight loss and a healthier lifestyle are seen to improve this condition of PCOS, there are some treatments that your doctor or gynecologist could prescribe for you. As far as treatments for PCOS are concerned, homeopathic remedies for the same are hailed as both extremely safe (with no side effects) and very effective.

Let’s take a look at some common homeopathic prescriptions for PCOS.

The type of treatment that your homeopathic doctor will prescribe for you depends on the nature of your PCOS and the accompanying symptoms.

1. Pulsatilla:

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Pulsatilla is one of the most commonly recommended homeopathic medicines for PCOS that is accompanied by problems related to the menstrual cycle. Pulsatilla is prescribed to women who tend to skip their monthly periods or to women who have very short and scant menstrual periods. It is also seen to be effective in the case of painful periods. Pulsatilla works to dissolve the cysts in the ovaries and regularize the menstrual cycle.

2. Calcarea Carb and Graphites:

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Calcarea Carb and Graphites are commonly prescribed in the case of overweight and obese women with PCOS. While Calcarea Carb is used in the case of heavy bleeding and prolonged monthly periods, Graphites are used for irregular and scant periods. Both Calcarea Carb and Graphites help alleviate the associated symptoms such as headaches, fever, chills, etc. during periods.

3. Lachesis and Apis Mellifica:

Lachesis and Apis Mellifica are prescribed to women who have severe colic symptoms during their monthly period. The problems of abdominal pain, intestinal gas, etc. during periods are controlled by these medications. They work to dissolve the cysts in the ovaries that also cause sharp and severe pain during periods.

4. Conium:

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Conium is usually recommended for women with PCOS who suffer from acne breakouts on their face, back, shoulders, etc. Conium helps regularize the menstrual cycle and also helps to clear up the acne on the skin. In certain cases, Conium is also prescribed for the problems of infertility resulting from PCOS.

5. Sepia and Thuja:

A fairly common symptom of PCOS in women is the excess growth of facial hair on the upper lip, chin, etc. It can also lead to excess hair growth on the arms, hands, fingers, and loss of hair on the scalp. Sepia and Thuja are prescribed to treat this hormonal imbalance that causes this excess growth of hair. Along with controlling the hair growth, these medicines also treat irregular and scant menstrual cycles and accompanying body pain.

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