Honey & Orange Rejuvenating Face Scrub and Mask: DIY

Honey & Orange Rejuvenating Face Scrub and Mask: DIY

Winters are an excellent time to pamper facial skin and make it ready for harsh and dry summer. Personally, I love to make use of readily available fresh fruits and other healthy ingredients to prepare my face scrubs and masks.
Honey___Orange_Rejuvenating_Face_Scrub_and_Mask_DIY__1_ These concoctions help in keeping my complexion bright and reveal a clear glowing skin. These natural products are gentle for my sensitive skin. Today, I am sharing with you such magic potion which has not only given me clear skin but has helped a lot in keeping it moisturized.


Let’s see what we need to get started

1. Orange Zest (finely grated orange peel)
2. Almond Grated(3-4)
3. 2 tsps of honey
4. Almond Oil(3-4 drops)

Take 3-4 almonds and finely grate them with the help of a grater. With the same grater grate orange peel. I pick a full orange and grate it finely. One orange will give enough zest. Now make honey and almond oil mixture and add the other two ingredients. Now gently mix them and apply it to your face with clean fingers. Massage gently in circular motion. Relax for 15-20 minutes. Wash it away with warm water and pat your face dry and follow it up with your favorite moisturizer. I don’t feel the need to apply any moisturizer after such a rejuvenating pack. My facial skin feels soft and supple and free from all the dirt and grime.


Orange peel is extremely helpful in preventing acne and clears the skin from all the unwanted marks and blemishes. It is a rich source of Vitamin C that adds to extra glow of facial skin. A brilliant way of keeping your skin free of blackheads is to use orange peel mask. Honey as you all know is rich in antioxidants and helps clarifying complexion and is extremely moisturizing and soothing. Almonds are natural exfoliator and helps in removing dirt from the skin. All these ingredients make this mask a miracle product for my skin.

PS: I prepare this mask n keep using it regularly. During winters there is no need to refrigerate it. Regular use of this mask has brightened my skin texture and has given a healthy glow to me.



Do try this mask and let me know if it was helpful.

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    1. No Dear, i grate the peel of a fresh orange and use the same…dont go through the hassle of drying the peel first…Enjoy!

  1. *thankyou*
    I hv placed some orange peels to dry. bt those taking time. *waiting*
    happy to know that in this we can use fresh peel grated. *clap*
    Definitely gonna try *drool*

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