Honeymoon Checklist for a Bride

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After all the crazy chaos of the marriage comes the Honeymoon! This is where newlyweds start a new bond together and dream about their future together. Honeymoon period is truly the golden period. Every girl wants it to be perfect. In today’s post, let’s talk about honeymoon essentials that you will need there at your honeymoon so that you will worry less about other things and totally give your undivided attention to your hubby.

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1. Never start your packing without making a list first. Plan days before which destination you are heading to, what would be the temperature and what you might need there? Make a thorough list and then start packing.
2. Keep all your travel documents like your passport, driver’s license, airline tickets and all confirmation and reservation numbers within the safe reach of your hands.
3. Do not forget to add a digital camera to your essentials list. Year after years, the memories of those photographs will make you smile even in the toughest of situations.

Honeymoon Checklist for a Bride2

4. Keep in mind the climate of the place you are visiting and pack accordingly. If you are going for a beach destination, then buy colourful and vibrant bikinis, tank tops, summer dresses, shorts and all things fun and quirky.
5. If you are heading for mountains, then go for pieces that you will be using as layers. This way you will have to pack less and you will be able to get the most out of the outfit pieces.
6. No matter where you are going, do not forget to add at least 2 sensual evening gowns or dresses for those candle-lit date nights by the pool or sea.
7. Once you have decided the clothes that you would wear during your honeymoon, pack them in a manner that you won’t have to worry about choosing an outfit. Keep your outfits ready and the put them in the suitcase.
8. You should choose shoes according to your need and comfort. They can range from flip flops, sandals, heels to knee high boots or booties according to your honeymoon destination. With all these things, do not forget to pack your bathroom slippers and also comfortable walking shoes.
9. You might be on any medications and in a hurry to pack. Do not forget to take all the medicines that you might need in a new place.
10. Honeymoons are all about starting a new bond with your hubby and cherishing those romantic moments, and to make them extra special, pack sexy lingerie with you.

Makeup Essentials
Do I really need to tell IMBBians about what makeup items to pack? This is a very basic list, one can subtract or add (lots!) according to one’s need.

1. No matter where you go, a sunscreen is one item that you must never forget. A sunscreen is a must no matter what the climate is.
2. Washing and conditioning your hair frequently is not possible while you are on your honeymoon. So at that time dry shampoo comes to the rescue to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and gorgeous.
3. Your CTM routine essentials should also not be forgotten to take complete care of the skin and don’t forget to take make remover wipes too.
4. A CC cream can also be taken to give the skin an instant lift and brightening effect.
5. A lipstick can really make a face stand out. So go for the one that suits your fancy.
6. Apart from all these things keep safety pins, a needle, a power bank, extra cash tucked in somewhere, tampons, sunglasses, and some hair accessories too.

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