Honeymoon by Gloria Vanderbilt EDT Review

Honeymoon by Gloria Vanderbilt EDT

Honeymoon by Gloria Vanderbilt is launched in 1996 as a romantic, attractive and flowery fragrance that contains notes of lavender, jasmine, rose, carnation, lily of the valley, cedar, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood.


Around 60$ for 30 ml (I am not so sure, my sis got it)

honeymoon perfume

This is I think the last of the lot which my sister has brought me and mom from Australia over the years, officially, I think now I am left with the Indian perfumes only to review 😛 I realized how many I have when I was distracted away from lipsticks and came into a serious perfume phase, I thought why not review the ones I own! Well quite a lot of them, Hugo boss and Gucci ones are my fav from the ones I reviewed, Mango one is Indian bought which is again great.

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Today’s pick is an out and out romantic a little woody and floral perfume which is I think rightly named, my lighting in the pics is making it look even more honeymoon-y and the bottle is cute and tiny and very worth carrying along. But honestly I would like to point out here that I dont like this kind of a woody heavy and evening wear perfume with sandalwood notes, this is not my fragrance and I would like to classify this as an evening wear.I love the bottle and again this reminds me of Indian grand wedding receptions I might have been to and all the heavily dressed ladies who wear those evening wear woody and musky perfumes, this is so it, but still it does not fall anywhere close to my fruity crisp and little citrus category of perfumes, who knows I would start liking woody noted as well, in the evenings especially. You can say the silage and the staying power is pretty good owing to its heavy notes.

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Though this is an EDT I am surprised how strong it is, I smell rose an jasmine in the top notes, and then a little musk and then it is very very jasmine and sandalwood IMO, very overpowering if you dig your nose into your skin, this really might give me a headache if I focus too much and reminds me of Ittar honestly with all the musk, jasmine and sandalwood happening, heavy perfume wearers can try it, light ones who get headaches with stronger scents avoid!

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  1. If an EDT smells strong then it is such a wise pick *woot* *woot* your sis got sooo many perfumes for you *woot* *woot* such a lovely sis lol *hihi* *hihi* now you have become the lippie and perfume queen *pompom* *pompom* *oye balle*

    1. han not any more she now take my makeup too *chudail* but yes she used to bring me tons of makeup and perfumes *happydance*

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