What is Hooded Eye?

Hooded eye is an eye shape where the crease of the eye folds over the outer corner of the eye. This makes the eye look downward and droopy. As a result, when you apply eyeliner, it does not show prominently as the crease gets folded and very little space is left for the eyeliner to be visible. Drawing thick lines would make eyes much more smaller. Hooded eye is very common, especially in the Asian continent. If you have hooded eyes as well, here are some genius makeup tricks which will add more beauty.

Hooded Eye

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eye

  • Smokey Eyes – We think smokey eyes were “discovered” especially for hooded eyes. Smokey eyes create an illusion of big eyes, which makes them stand out. Hooded eyes are generally small in size and smokey eyes will help them look big and make them beautiful and attractive.
  • Highlighter game – Hooded eyes are small and lack visible lid space and thus they give an impression of tired or droopy eyes. Choose a highlighter in champagne shade because when you apply highlighter over the crease area and in the inner corner of the eyes, then it will lift up your eyes and make your eyes appear open and give them a more “awakened” look
  • Natural Look – Use a shimmery eyeshadow for your eye makeup. For hooded eyes, shimmery eyeshadows will make your eyes more open. A thin liner and a light-colored shimmery eye shadow is all you need. Rose gold eyeshadows also look great on hooded eyes.
  • Draw a little eyeliner on the outer corner of your eyes. Do not make thick lines since there is not enough space to accommodate both the liner and eyeshadow together.
  • Cut crease eye makeup – Cut crease eye makeup works best for hooded eyes. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create cut crease eye makeup.
  • Always remember to highlight your brow bone and innermost corners of your eyes with a rose gold or champagne shade highlighter.
  • Apply a few coats of voluminous mascara to lift up your eye makeup look.
  • There are instant eye lift strips available in the market that help to lift up hooded eyes so that they do not appear droopy. These small transparent patches lift eyelids. You have to place these patches on the crease. It instantly lifts up eyelids and gives you a more awakened look.

These tips and tricks will help you beautify your eyes. This will help you reach a long way in case you have hooded eyes and are struggling with right makeup.

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