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Ammu Asks
I am very new to the world of make up and very much impressed by your blog makeupandbeauty. I have a query to share with you.I want to know about how to make the hair volumized. I have very thin hair.I heard that using a hot hair brush will make it thicker and smooth. How to use the hot hair brush?

Should I use it with a blow dryer?Which brand is good and please let me know the price also.


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  1. Me too Me too.. Facing heavy hair fall these days.. feel very very sad..Havent cha nged my shampoo also. could be because of climate.. not sure:(

  2. accordin to me blow dryin wil make hair look volumized temporarily only.once u wash,it becomes normal again…if u blow dry everyday u are sure to damage ur hair..if ur hair is naturally thin,leave it as it is and look for styles that compliment u.If ur hair is thin because of hairfall,try oilin and other home remedies.Consult a trichologist.

  3. Try using a volumising mousse – check these reviews out
    Brands like Tresseme, Keratase also makes them and they are dependable brands.
    For more volume ,blow dry your hair upside down then flip it over.But do not resort to these frequently, do it only if you need a quick fix before an occasion and i agree with preetha,do consult a trichologist to address these issues first.using so much heat on your hair will only damage it to an irreparable extent.Also avoid using too much of silicone based serums ,as they would only weigh down your hair and take away the volume from it.

    2.You can try hair extensions ,clip on ones ,if you have mid-length to moderately long hair.
    They can be ordered online as well.Here is a website which makes hair extensions easily available in india –
    3.Try consulting your trichologist and maybe he will prescribe you BIOTIN supplements which boosts hair growth. He may also plan for you a proper vitamin and protein rich diet which will get you lustrous mane back over time.
    Hope this helps . 🙂

  4. Interesting question..I do use some amount of heat almost everyday..but I use a heat protectant too, so my hair haven’t become any dull or bad over the time. I’ve been using dryers since a long time now (I guess 3-4 years now!) Also, I started using curlers when I was in US and there for one whole year I used to use it atleast 2-3 times a week. My hair has been ok till now, and I’ve not faced any problems. So, I’d recommend you get a good heat protectant and styling spray for your hair.
    Apart from that, you can also adopt hairstyles that can make your hair look voluminous. 🙂

  5. Hot air brush combines the feature of a blow drier plus a styler, basically it releases hot air (same as blow dryer) and has styling facility by which you can straighten as well as curl depending on the way you use..
    You would not require a blow drier since it is an inbuilt feature in it…The well know brands are Babyliss, Conair, Revlon…
    I doubt whether hot air brush is available in India, the best of hair care is always available predominantly in UK, US market…
    Hopefuly i have been of some help 🙂

  6. go for hairstyles which compliments ur face and add volumes like layers!
    blow dry everyday will further make ur hair weak and will damage it!

  7. Hey frnds,
    I hv a question regarding my hair as it is also thin, can anyone suggest as I am getting married dis May so hw do i care my mane so that it looks lustrous during that period. Wil b gr8 help. Thnx. :worship:

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