Hot Water for Head Bath: Ask IMBB

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Neha T. asks:

Is it fine to wash hair with hot water? I’ve read temperature of water affects hair quality, but during winters sometimes its so cold that I feel like washing them with lukewarm water. What do you people feel?

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18 thoughts on “Hot Water for Head Bath: Ask IMBB

  1. My hubby is against hot water for the hair..
    but look at this way, I have a serious sinus issue and if I use cold water for my hair, I will get a sinus infection 30 days a month instead of ten 😛
    I think the temperature should be lukewarm, not too uncomfortably hot or cold, to each his own.:)
    but defo not hot or ice cold

  2. Lukewarm water is fine, but not too often. It will suck all the moisture from your hair and leave it really dry. Same happens with skin too. You can try washing your hair with cold water in the noon or evening when its bearable. Winter mornings?..yes its very hard to use cold water then.

  3. OMG! Today while washing my hair.. i was thinking of the exact same thing.. what should be the temperature.. I tried to make it a little cooler because they say cold water is better.. and then i started shivering. So yeah,lukewarm..

        1. Yes definite the lukewarm or very slight hot water.
          Only the thing is have a hot oil (Coco + almond + olive or just Mustard if stingy smell is bearable) patting in night. Next morning without any hesitation go for comfortable lukewarm water head bath using diluted shampoo (1:1 shampoo & water) and conditioner (some time I avoid since the oil have done its wonder) .
          And Girls my hair remains silky for next 2 days, it’s very hard for me to resist myself from touching them.

  4. Thank you ladies 🙂
    Think the best option is to either go for a wash during noon or use lukewarm water,especially for winters

  5. shampoo with lukewarm water and final rinse with cold water 🙂
    you can use cool setting of dryer to dry hair…
    or sit under fan ….

  6. hot water shouldnt be used ! lukewarm is fine… i guess
    in winters here in delhi at least , bathing with cold water is impossibe so ya i use lukewarm for washing hair… n try n keep it on the cooler side as much as i can !

  7. Hot water is perfect to relieve the knotted muscles. Feels like heaven after the bath.

    But it should never be used on the scalp. Luke warm water is fine for shampooing. But always wash the hair with water that is almost cold while washing away the conditioner to lock in the moisture.

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