Hourglass Angled Liner Brush Review

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This review will be on the Hourglass Angled Liner Brush.

Hourglass Angled Liner Brush
Product Description:

A small precision brush for lining eyes.  The short, angled bristles of this brush ensure a precise, firm, and even stroke when lining and defining eyes. Expect polished, professional results every time. All Hourglass brushes boast weighted metal handles and high-grade, PETA-friendly taklon bristles that ensure optimal application of product. Taklon bristles harbor less bacteria than animal hair, are an excellent alternative for those with allergies to animal hair, and are easily washed with alcohol or mild soap and water.



My Experience with Hourglass Angled Liner Brush:

I love these Hourglass brushes because they feel and perform brilliantly. These brushes have sleek gunmetal-colored handles. They are not too heavy neither too lightweight, but they do have a slight weight to them and hence do not feel hollow. They feel very comfortable in the hand.

Hourglass Angled Liner Brush

The bristles of all the Hourglass brushes are made with synthetic taklon which make it cruelty free and also synthetic bristles are easier to clean and do not require much maintenance as natural hair bristles. I can easily use my alcohol-based spot cleaners without the fear of damaging the bristles, which come handy when you have to clean the gel liner off the brush after every use.

Hourglass Angled Liner Brush

The bristles are soft yet they are stiff. It is also cut at an angle and is the right size to work brilliantly as a liner brush. This brush can also be used to fill in brows and performs greatly in that aspect as well.  Since it is not too thick, I can easily get a thin eyeliner application and also just as easily use this brush to tight line my eyes.  I can also use this brush to smudge liner under my lower lash line.

Hourglass Angled Liner Brush

I have compared the size of this brush with my other Hourglass brushes all (you can read the reviews of those on IMBB).

The only big issue I have with this brush is that it is very expensive. The other brushes in this line namely “All Over Shadow Brush” and “Crease Brush” retail for $30, which is understandable since they do have a lot of bristles, but this brush hardly has any and is so short, but still retails for $28.  Other than that, I am overall very pleased with the performance of this brush and will recommend.

Hourglass Angled Liner Brush

Pros of Hourglass Angled Liner Brush:

  • Perfect size to use as a liner brush.
  • Can also be used to fill in brows.
  • Handle is not too heavy, sits comfortably in the hands.
  • Synthetic cruelty-free bristles.
  • Does not shed at all.
  • Easy to clean and does not lose shape.
  • Alcohol-based cleaner can be used without fear of damaging bristles.

Cons of Hourglass Angled Liner Brush:

  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:


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