Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Canvas, Rose, Raven Review, Swatch, FOTD

Skintone : Medium Fair / MAC NC 35

hourglass rouge opaque liquid lipstick -1

Claims : Densely pigmented, silky smooth and lightweight formula glides on without tackiness, and sets to a modern matte finish.
• Opaque coverage creates bold, vibrant and dramatic-looking lips.
• Contains a breathable film of intense pigment that instantly bonds to the lips and treats them with skin-conditioning emollients, fruit extracts and vitamins:
– Cili Fruit and Goji Berry extracts offer anti-oxidant protection
– Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect lips throughout the day
• Custom doe foot applicator allows for precision application.
• Apply gloss over the top to create a long-lasting, luminous finish
• Vegan

Price : USD 28
hourglass rouge opaque liquid lipstick

My experience with Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick
I picked up 3 shades from the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick – Canvas, Rose and Raven.

  • Canvas is a dusty rose color with a peachy undertone to it.
  • Rose is also a dusty rose color and a tad bit darker than Canvas.
  • Raven is a stunning orangey red shade. It’s beautiful statement red shade.

Honestly Canvas and Rose are such close shades that it is hard to tell them apart unless you really HAVE to. Both canvas and rose are gorgeous everyday colours and can be worn every single day without any doubt. These would make beautiful MLBB shades for medium skintones especially.

I adooore the packaging of these lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks come packed in these (almost) weightless copper- transparent flattened tubes. Unlike most liquid lipsticks that are heavy and bulky to carry around, these have become my really sweethearts when it comes to slipping them in my tiny bags. The front part of the tube is transparent so you get to see the color of the lipstick. The applicator is flat and sort of longish. It has a little bend to it so it glides on the contours of the lips beautifully and makes the application easier.

The pigmentation of Raven is so intense. One swipe and you get a bang on color. But with Raven and Canvas, I feel the real opaque shade comes with two applications. So I apply one coat. Wait for 5-7 seconds and then apply the second coat.

The finish is velvetty matte and these give a nice soft look to the lips. I don’t find them overly drying. These are very comfortable matte lipsticks. The texture is creamy and glides on easily on lips. I have also used these as cream blush in case of emergency and they blend so well on the cheeks. 😀 These don’t accentuate fine lines or settle in fine lines even after hours of wear.These lipsticks feel very lightweight on lips.

The staying power of Raven is insane. I have worn it for as long as 9 hours and it has stayed so beautifully. It has only come off with a makeup remover.

With Canvas and Rose, I always notice that they don’t last a full meal. But with snacks and light meals they barely budge. But let’s say I have a full on sandwich or our Indian meal, these would pretty much fade away. But I honestly looove these lipsticks so much that I think I find a reason to do touch-ups, especially at traffic lights. 😀

These don’t have any taste or fragrance to them. Unlike most liquid lipsticks these tend to transfer a bit because they never actually set like your other lipsticks in this category. I mean most liquid lipsticks set dry – like you can swipe your finger on your lips and it would come off clean. These stay a tad bit sticky and sort of lipstick like throughout. I mean it’s hard to explain because it’s neither the glossy sticky nor it is completely dry. I kind of like that midway option because I feel that keeps your lips looking and feeling every comfortable. Sometimes liquid lipsticks can be extremely drying and then they crack because of the dryness… I have never faced any such issue with this. Now the con with this is that they transfer a bit and you don’t expect that from a liquid lipstick. It’s not a major con in my case but for the sake of review I cannot help but compare them with all the liquid lipsticks I have tried in past. These I’d say are a bit different. And I like them.

If you can’t already tell, I am obsessed with these lipsticks. Especially rose and canvas are my go-tos these days. There are a bit of cons here and there but given a chance I’d stock more of these any day.

Rating : 4.8/5

rose, raven, canvashourglass- liquid-lipstick review

hourglass- liquid-lipstick l-r rose, canvas

hourglass- liquid-lipstick rose vs canvas canvas

hourglass rouge opaque liquid lipstick canvas

hourglass lipstick rose

hourglass rouge opaque liquid lipstick raven l-r canvas, rose, raven

hourglass opaque rouge Swatches :

hourglass opaque rouge swatches
rose, canvas, raven

and a fun pic . Wearing Raven


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  1. Wow every shade is so gorgeous. You rock all of them so nicely as always. And your pic in the black dress is just fab. I am loving Raven & Rose so much. 🙂

  2. The packaging is so gorgeous, flauntworthy, you rock all these shades Rati! I would pick Rose and Raven 🙂

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