How to Apply Blush on Round Face

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I’m back with another post! Today, we would be talking about how to apply blush on round face. Blush is one among the important makeup products which can help to highlight the best features of your face. In reality, blush can be really flattering on the face and helps to make your bone structure more accurate and sexy. Proper application of blush can make your face look properly contoured and slimmer as well. Applying blush is especially important for people with round face as it can make your face look slimmer. So, here we would like to mention about how to apply blush on the round face.

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1. Select the right blush colour:


The first and the most important step to apply blush is choosing the right colour of blush according to your skin tone. You should pick and cross check what suits your skin complexion the best. People with pale skin tone should opt for pinkish shades. Girls with tanned skin complexion should opt for rosy gold or peachy blushes. Always pick up the one which suits your skin colour and complexion.

2. Apply a base:

Applying a base before blush is another important step. You should apply a thick layer of foundation on the skin. Later, cover the blemishes with concealer and highlight with bronzer. The final step of the makeup is applying blush. Do not apply blush directly on the skin as it may look unnatural. It is very important for your makeup to look natural, balanced and flawless.

3. Take care with powder blush:

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If you’re applying cream blush, then you can apply it directly on the skin. But if you’re using a powder blush, do not apply it directly over the foundation. Applying powder blush over the foundation may leave you with the powdery and ashy finish. Instead, apply some lightweight moisturizer and then apply the powder blush. This will help the blush to set for a longer period of time and also give you long-lasting results.

4. Lightly sweep your brush:

Take a brush and apply the blush on the cheeks. Blend it well and remove the excess blush from the face. If you are using a powder blush, you should lightly sweep the blush using a brush and double tap it in order to remove the excess makeup from the face. Make sure you use the brush in a downward direction so that it creates an impression of elongated look.

5. Suck your cheeks in:

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In order to make your round face look slimmer, you should follow this easy technique. You should suck your cheeks in and start applying the blush on the cheeks. Swipe 2-3 strokes of the brush in the download direction to create an appearance of a slim face.

6. Avoid using fingers:

One important tip you should remember while applying blush is that you should never use fingers or cotton balls. Applying blush with fingers or cotton balls may not allow the blush to spread evenly. Also, it may leave you with cakey appearance. You should always use a quality brush so that it helps to apply the blush perfectly on the skin. Use a brush with satin bristles so that it blends evenly on the skin.

7. Don’t forget the nose:

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Generally, people with round face do not have pointed nose and hence you should pay attention while applying blush. You should not only contour your cheeks but also contour your nose. You should take a flat brush and contour your nose properly. Contour in one straight line and repeat the same process with the other side of the nose as well. Do not overdo on the nose bone! Make sure you use a blotting paper to remove the excess makeup from the face.

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