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Shilpa Asks:

I am Shilpa. I am 30yrs old…old enough to start using anti aging products. Currently I am using Olay total effects but it has not made any significant difference to my combination skin. I want some suggestions on anti ageing products/creams /serums that actually work.


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  1. I hear a lot of ppl saying that..Olay total effects makes no difference ?:-) ?:-) Am a lil confused here…I have used it – about 2 bottles…it didnt make me look younger than what I am, but it certainly didn’t make me look older. I should use it at 30…continue using till I am 40..and then see if I still look 30…how else would I know if it worked ?:-) ?:-) 😀 😀

    Personally I don’t really believe in anything labelled “antiageing” and don’t intend buying one just cos I am 30-plus (the SA at Lancome was pretty happy recommending Pure Focus till he found out I am whatever age I am..and then he starts off about Genifique)..but perhaps vitamin E would be a good ingredient to look for “antiageing.”

    1. Yes, its absolutely true. Olay Total effects is simply a waste of money. I have used it for a long periond of more than 2 years. After my delievery my skin got Dull and lifeless . I started using it at the age of 29 but still after so long period it showed no effect. The only thing i noticed at my skin was that it became little even tone . But no miracle or extraaaaaaa had been noticed .
      My skin is looking so lifeless and dull now a days and nothing is there upon which we can trust to give us our glow back. I have never used any make up on my skin neither i use any cosmetics . still i’m loosing the glow and shine of my skin. Plz can anyone help me in this regard wat is there which can give me back that youthful skin of mine.

  2. Shilpa, am also waiting for the replies…me too going to hit 30 very soon 🙂 somehow am not very confident on anti ageing creams, do they work??????? ?:-)

  3. I am with Radhika on this…I am using ponds age miracle day cream….not because it is an anti-ageing product but mainly because it gives me a very nice even finish and the cream has very tiny shimmer particles which gives a nice shine to the face…but I dont really know if it is really helping me as far as the ageing part goes…

  4. Hello there,

    Here are a few things that i use and actually worked:


    1. Loreal collagen filler for face
    2. Loreal collagen filler for eyes

    These 2 are very good products that on first application you can actually see the wrinkles reduced. I use the loreal collage filler for face only in my forehead since i have few wrinkles there.

    Anti-aging cream:

    The best and the foremost anti-aging product is SUN SCREEN.
    1. Clinique spf 25 city block cream
    This is one of the best sunscreen for the face. It is so light and not oily unlike other sunscreens. I use this every single day.
    2. Mac prep and prime spf 50
    When i go out for barbeques or beach parties i use this. Meaning when i know there will b more exposture to the sun. Wouldnt want to use it everyday as its expensive
    3. Clinique moisture surge face spray
    I take this in a little spray bottle and have it in my handbag all the time. Just spray a little all over my face during the day and do touchups on it. Keeping the face mositured is more important for avoiding aging.
    4. Clinique clarifying mositurizer for face & clinique all about eyes
    The best mositurizer and eye cream i have ever used. Keeps your face so moistured and fresh. Clinique clarifying moisturizer comes by skin type. So you can choose as per your skin type.
    5. Clinique super rescue antioxidant night cream for face & clinique repairwear intensive eye cream.
    These are my night creams for the face and around my eyes.

    Apart from these am a regular user of clinique 3 step system.
    I have tried so many products in the market for anti-aging like dove, loreal, nivea, olay etc. But nothing really worked for me and atlast i settled down with the above regime. And it really made a difference to my face.

    And in general, generously use sunscreens all over the body. The recent IMBB article on sunscreen was excellent. Your everyday diet regime also plays a role in anit-aging, however last but not the least, drink lots of water(yes i know what you are thinking, everyone says this.. ) but in my own experience it really worked for me. At home or outside you can always see me carrying a pet bottle of pure drinking water. Drinking lots of water everyday has lots of benefits and ofcourse is also one of the best anit-anging product.

  5. Don’t use anti ageing creams. I think regular skincare helps you to maintain a good skin. Also, I am not for or against anti ageing cream, just that I don’t know if they really work.

    Reading Anitha’s comment above, guess there is some truth about anti ageing products doing some good to skin..

    Still confused actually. Have used Pond’s age miracle. Liked it but it always felt like slathering another product on my skin.

  6. If you are looking for an effective ‘Fountain of youth’ formula for your body or your skin, I think there are only 3 steps to it:

    1. Exercise, exercise, exercise- This would activate your cell repair system, replacing dead cells with fresh ones.
    2. Use sunscreens in the day.
    3. Use a retinoid at night.

  7. hi ….
    first of all thx to rati for posting my query….
    hi anitha….nice advice…..and a very informative reply…i guess its time to switch to some nice products…thx a lot…..i really appreciate u shared this info with me..
    hi sanjeev….i agree to ur advise also…..but retinoid at night….it peels my skin…..

    1. Use only a thin layer on alternate days. Moisturise well the next day morning and DO NOT go out bare faced when you are using retinoid. Sunscreen is a MUST when you are using retinoid.

  8. Hello Shilpa,

    I have been following below skin care routine for am and pm from Philosophy and with good results. I can say that my skin is firmer and better toned now. Unfortunately Philosophy products are not avaialble in India. However you can get them shipped through sites like strawberrynet etc.They are expensive.


    Cleanse – Philosophy purity
    Firming serum – Philosophy when hope is not enough firming serum
    Eyes & Lips – Philosophy Firming cream for eyes and lips
    Moisturiser – Philosophy Hope in a jar with SPF


    Philosophy Help Me(retinol cream)

    Exfoliate 3 times a week with Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash

  9. hey all… i would like to comment on this. i am a doctor and an ardent reader of this beautiful blog. the truth is there is no hard and fast treatment to stop or slow down skin ageing. u see, skin is just a part of your body, so it will age as your body does. ageing gracefully is the real challenge. i ve seen people go to any length to keep skin taut… they do botox, collagen, plastic surgery… in the end, they just look like over stretched plastic dolls. but i shall outline some steps which might help you

    1. hydrate…. there is no substitute for water. it eliminates toxins like nothing else. drink up… at least 3 l of water per day in a normal healthy person. when your internal organs need water, they take it from your less important ones, like skin hair, etc

    2. massage… with whatever you like… honey, yogurt, massage cream, serum, whatever…. massage will keep your microcirculation open, so that vital nutrients can reach your skin and hair roots. it also stimulates the lymphatic system for draining away toxins

    3. healthy diet… have your vitamins right… vitamin e and vitamin a act as anti oxidants, thereby preventing dna damage. biotin and pyridoxine are essential too. get your iron and folic acid levels checked. reduce carbonated products and saturated fats in your diet. you can take omega 3 fatty acid supplements too..

    4. have a timely sleep wake cycle and exercise that suits your age and activity level. simple rope jumping will keep your heart healthy, and if you add a some squats and free hand exercises to it, that should be enough. yoga is also good. exercise will keep your hormones right

    5. take care of your girl times. a woman’s body and mind is largely regulated by two things… oestrogen and progesterone. so, if you have any problems regarding your monthly cycles, get them sorted out and treated. its oestrogen that makes a woman feminine. and after menopause, when she stops responding to it, she becomes a little man like, therefore making her seem more aged, you can consider HRT at menopause(under expert medical guidance) that will slow down your ageing process and improve over all quality of your life.

    6.protect yourself from the sun… you know suns rays contain harmful uv rays too that causes your dna to break n mutate… causing premature ageing as well as cancers. use a sun block, but also use sunglasses, umbrellas and covered shoes.

    7. retinol or retin a can be a double edged sword. if you are inclined to use it, please consult your dermatologist. it is important that you do not use many products on your skin…since using too much will only end up clogging your microcirculation. a mild cleanser/ face wash, a sun block and a cream is enough…. use minimum / no make up whenever possible. another thing.. please do not use steroid containing creams like betnavate, etc without medical supervision. they ll destroy you.

    8. get yourself treated for any skin problem you might have. rashes, acne, pigmentation whatever.

    9. lastly, accept that you will age. flaunt your wrinkles, celebrate your grey hairs. its your personality that will determine your age in the long run.

    sorry for the long vashan. but you must understand combatting ageing is not merely using the right product, but its an all pervasive life long commitment. good luck.

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