How to Choose Compact Powder for Different Skin Tones

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Hope you’re doing good! Today we would be talking about how to choose a compact powder for different skin tone. Choosing the right type of compact powder is important to get flawless and radiant looking skin. Compact powder is one among the basic beauty essentials every woman uses. It helps to cover the dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmented skin on the face easily. Also, it makes your makeup last longer and keeps your skin hydrated for a long period of time. From medium to full coverage, compact powders are available for different skin types and skin tones in the market.

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If you’re confused about choosing the right type of compact powder for your skin tone, here we mention some of the best ways to do it.

1. Test the powder on your neck or jawbone:

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Most of the women test the compact powder on their hands which is one of the biggest mistakes one can commit. The skin tone of your hand is completely different than the skin tone of your face and, hence, you should not patch test on the hands. Instead, it is advised that you should be testing the compact powder on your jawbone, neck or cheek. Neck and cheeks are the most reliable places where you can check the compact powder and choose the right one.

2. Blending power of the compact powder:

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Not every compact powder blends well with the skin and, hence, you should check out the blending power of the compact powder. To ensure that the compact powder blends well with the skin and also gives you perfect looking complexion, you should be blending the powder. Most compact powders give you lighter shade after blending on the skin. Some are highly pigmented while some are less, so you’ll need to check it before purchasing.

3. Fair people should opt for yellow based powder:


Woman with fair skin complexion should always opt for yellow based powder. Choosing compact powder with yellow tone can help to make your makeup look natural and glowing. It does not leave you with a cakey, chalky and ashy look. Compact powder with yellow tones blends with the skin seamlessly and gives you a natural look. You can use Colorbar Sheer Touch Mattifying Face Powder on fair skin tone.

4. Tan skin tone:


If you are fair but have tanned skin, you should opt for the copper colored compact. Copper color plays essentially good on the tanned skin making your face look bright and beautiful. It blends well with the skin and also prevents your skin tone looking darker. Copper color compact powder blends seamlessly with your skin, thus, covering up the tan easily. It brightens up your skin naturally. Use Manhattan Clearface Compact Powder for tan skin tone.

5. Medium skin tone:


If you have medium skin tone, you should opt for apricot colored face powder. Woman with medium skin tone isn’t fair nor she is dark in skin tone. Using apricot colored face powder blends well with the skin and prevents you from looking darker. Apricot colored face powder is neither dark nor light in shade and, hence, it proves to be ideal for medium skin tone. In case, your skin is tan, you should choose slightly a darker skin tone with an orange undertone. You can use Maybelline 30 Sand Super Stay 24 H Compact Powder on medium skin tone.

6. Dark skin tone:


Woman with dark skin tone should be extremely cautious while selecting the right type of compact powder as it can make your face chalky and ashy. Women with dark skin with gray undertone should opt for dark or highly pigmented compact powder so that it eliminates the gray undertone. Using copper tinted powders can make your skin look fresh. People with dark skin should generally finish off their look by setting the makeup with loose or translucent powder. Essence Mosaic Compact Powder – Sunkissed Beauty will give you natural tanned look on the skin.

Few important things to avoid while buying compact powder for your skin tone:

• Don’t use compact powder which is lighter than your skin tone.
• Don’t use compact powder which is darker than your skin tone.
• Don’t apply powder which is noticeable on your face or skin tone.
• Don’t use compact powder which does not match your skin tone.
• Don’t test on your hands, instead, try them on cheeks and neck.

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