How to Combat Puffy and Tired Eyes

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How to Combat Puffy and Tired Eyes

Hello pretty ladies,
I have been going through lot of stress these days – late night work, continuously staring at laptop, house hold work etc. which is resulting in lack of sleep and dreaded puffy eyes!! I’m sure you all must be aware of the fact that concealing puffy eyes is very difficult and instead of hiding the puffiness, makeup exaggerates it even more 🙁 it’s not pretty to have bags under the eyes!!

I have researched a lot for the natural ways to cure puffy eyes; I thought it would be helpful to all the ladies out there who are in a similar situation and also the new moms who aren’t getting sufficient sleep in the nights 🙁

Some of the most common causes of puffy eyes are as follows:
1. Lack of sleep.
2. Stress
3. Lack of proper diet.
4. Continuous working on laptop.
5. Exposure to sun or strong light.
6. Ageing.
7. Hereditary

There are several ways to combat the puffy eyes but be sure to be very gentle as the skin under the eyes is very delicate. I advise all the ladies to start following these simple and basic steps when you cross 30. This not only helps to reduce puffiness but also takes care of the ageing skin under the eyes and helps to relax the nerves and increase the blood circulation resulting in bright looking eyes.

Remedies for Puffy and Tired Eyes

1. Splash cold water as soon as you wake from sleep. Cold water immediately helps to reduce the puffiness and redness of the eyes and relaxes the muscles.
2. Just like a morning yoga relaxes your body , a mini eye massage relaxes your eyes ,after washing the face with cold water , massage your eyes with the middle finger as it has least amount of pressure on the eye area , very gently move your finger around the eye area in circular and anti-circular directions. Do this for 3-5minutes every day.
3. I usually throw 2 spoons in the freezer in the night and remove it in the morning and place the backside of the spoon or cover the eyes with spoon till your eyes are relaxed.
4. You can use eye patches. ( Recipe for homemade eye patch – Dip cotton pads in the brewed green tea and add 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil and freeze them so that you can use it on the go)
5. Place cold slices of cucumber / potato on eyes, it is very soothing and also help to reduce the darkness under the eyes.cucumber slices eyes
6. You can also make a juice out of cucumber, dip the cotton pads in the juice and freeze it and use whenever needed.
7. Place two brewed green tea bags under the eyes as green tea is high on anti-oxidants.
8. Start using a day/night eye cream rich in vitamin-e which helps to moisturize the skin and also reduce the puffiness.
9. Always protect your eyes from the sun. Wear a sun screen or cover your eyes with shades.

Makeup Tips for Puffy and Tired Eyes

1. Please keep away from highlighting the under eye area with lighter concealer, instead use the same shade as your face and highlight the area below it. This way the attention is not drawn towards the under eyes.
2. Use a moisturizer and primer before putting on concealer.
3. Always use a lightweight concealer like Garnier tinted roll on which not only conceals but cures the puffiness and darkness as it is rich in caffeine.

Having done all this, take good care of your health by drinking plenty of water and food rich in vitamins and mineral. A small evening stroll around the neighborhood definitely helps to relax the tiredness and take regular naps whenever possible 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the comment. Really ? Rice is the culprit ? God .. I hate when something you love the most results in something bad *nababana* may be try using homemade eye patches continuously and see if it makes any difference.. Not harm in trying right ?

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