How Eyeliner Stencils can Change Your Eye Makeup Game

By Chanchala Bose

Hello eye makeup lovers,

I am back with yet another post. Not everyone is blessed with fabulous makeup skills like Rati, at least I am not. A few years back, I was just a kajal girl. I was not at all comfortable with eyeliners; my hands used to tremble during eyeliner application. After some practice, I finally became comfortable with eyeliners, and I can now apply it with ease. But, I know a lot of you still struggle with eyeliners, and always seek ways to apply eyeliners more effortlessly. Thanks to the beauty industry, today we have a couple of innovative products that can help you improve your makeup skills and how! One such product is an eyeliner stencil. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How Eyeliner Stencils can Change Your Eye Makeup Game

What are eyeliner stencils

types of eyeliner stencils

Eyeliner stencils are the transparent plastic arrangement that you can directly stick on your lash lines to apply eyeliner. The finish given by eyeliner stencils is almost same as the finish given by normal eyeliners. No one can differentiate between an eyeliner applied normally and an eyeliner applied with a stencil – except that eyeliner applied with a stencil tends to look more flawless.

So, aren’t you all excited about this amazingly innovative makeup tool? If yes, let me give you some more reasons why you should grab an eyeliner stencil soon:

Eyeliner stencils are time efficient

When you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to apply a neat eyeliner, an eyeliner stencil will come in handy. So this type of stencil can be your best friend when you do not have much time in hand. Eyeliner application becomes so easy with a stencil that you can apply your eyeliner, neatly and perfectly, even in a moving car.

Freedom to experiment

different eyeliner designs with stencil

Eyeliner stencils come in a huge variety. You can choose your eyeliner style from a number of designs as per your mood and occasion. From a simple eyeliner to an elaborate one, you can create all sorts of eyeliner looks with a stencil.

Versatile enough for different eye shapes

applying eyeliner with a stencil

Do you think eyeliner stencils work only for certain eye shapes? Well, that’s not true. Whether you have small eyes, hooded eyes or beautiful big eyes, you can use a stencil easily. You can play with various eyeliners and eyeshadows to enhance your eyes.

Work even for beginners

how to use an eyeliner stencil

Not everyone can achieve flawless eye makeup like Rati. For such souls, eyeliner stencils can prove to be a blessing. Even with your zero to mediocre skills, you can apply a full-fledged winged eyeliner with perfection in minutes. In short, you can achieve your dream eye makeup look even without having strong makeup skills.

So I now hope you all are ready to get your hands on some of these stencils. Availability of these stencils is a big issue, but don’t forget to buy a few of these whenever you spot them. You won’t regret!

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2 thoughts on “How Eyeliner Stencils can Change Your Eye Makeup Game

  1. Shikha I have always struggled with my winged liner,i am never able to make it similar,one eye liner goes too far away and the other eye wing becomes short.I too want to find a pair of stensils so that I can achieve a flawless cat eye.I don’t think you can find them here in India but will definitely look for them abroad

  2. Hello Chanchala

    Could you provide me with the link from where did you got the stencils?
    On ebay, there are so many links and I just don’t want to buy something which won’t work for me.

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